Lone Star Gridiron

BONUS – 5A Cypress-Fair @ Houston Stratford

The C-Dogg and The Eagle bring your the first game of the season - Cypress Fairbanks vs. Houston Stratford as the Spartans win a close one 21-17 as Sam McGuffie leaves the game early with a sprained ankle.


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(Time: 9:45)


  1. ed

    September 4, 2007 at 11:02 pm

    Your comments on this game are so off base!

    First of all, completely clean, legit tackle on McGuffie. Second of all, not one mention of the Stratford D which completely shut down Cy Fair when the game was on the line.

    You guys are obviously Closet Bobcats. As the year goes on, Stratford and it’s complex passing offense are going to get better and better and a first week victory over a very strong Cy Fair team deserve better than your baloney comments.

    Have a nice life fellas. Enjoy watching the Spartans in the playoffs nimrods.

  2. Chris Doelle

    September 5, 2007 at 10:47 am

    I know it was Ron “The Eagle” Oswalt that went on about it being a blatantly illegal tackle, but I think I am safe in defending him here. The tackle WAS illegal, that is why it drew a flag. To say that it was a “clean, legit tackle” is just wrong. They throw those little yellow things when something is against the rules. Case closed.

    I commend Stratford for the game they did – it was a great first game but even they showed the typical first game mistakes.

    The bottom line is that NEITHER team is going to win state… there are just way too many other teams with much deeper talent. Stratford will most likely win their district as will Cy-Fair. We both know that anything can happen in the playoffs and I agree Stratford will go far.

    I appreciate your enthusiasm for your team, but bottom line – the tackle was illegal.

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