Lone Star Gridiron

BONUS – 5A Strake Jesuit vs. 5A Cypress Fairbanks

Reporting LIVE from The Berry Center, Chris and Mike bring you a matchup of two of the top Houston area teams. The return of Sam McGuffie versus undefeated Strake Jesuit.

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(Time: 14:40)


  1. Football Fan

    October 1, 2007 at 10:55 am

    The commantary before the broadcasting of the game regarding the Jesuit schools in the UIL was inaccurate. The UIL didn’t cave to let the Jesuit schools in. The Supreme Court offered them a chance to settle with the Jesuit schools before they made a ruling, which was going to be in the schools favor. The UIL agreed to let only the Jesuit schools in because there was no other league for them to play in. The TAPPS league capped the enrollment for participation just under the Jesuit numbers to prevent them from getting in to that league. If you’ve watched any of the press regarding the San Antonio school that is trying to be admitted to the UIL, you would know that there have been no problems with the Jesuit schools and they have followed the rules the same, if not better than their public counterparts. The Jesuits agreed to join the UIL in the biggest classification eventhough their numbers are no where near close to the public schools they are competing against. Strake Jesuit has 930 boys, doubling that enrollment would put them at 1860, the UIL uses a formula to make that enrollment look a little higher and they come up with 1950 as the enrollment. The schools Strake Jesuit have played the last 4 years all have enrollments closer to 3000 and some as high as 4000. If you had bothered to look on Jesuit’s sideline at the game, you would have seen that they are playing with 35 kids on the varsity roster and going up against schools with anywhere from 65 to 85 on their rosters. Jesuit’s two JV teams have about 20 kids each. They don’t have the luxury of picking their athletes – they take whoever is accepted into the school after passing an entrance exam and other qualifications. Not to mention it cost $12,000 a year to attend. There are no scholarships, only financial aide based on need, not athletic performance. The aide that is given is only a percentage of the tuition, not a full ride. I’d challenge anyone to name one Jesuit football player that has been recruitted in the last 10 years under Coach Counter’s tenure. You can try all you want and you will not find one. Jesuit plays smarter, is coached better and are more disciplined than most public schools, end of story. We will never be a powerhouse becuase the talent fluctuates tremendously from year to year. I wish people would let this arguement die and give the kids and coaches the respect they deserve.

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