Lone Star Gridiron

Lone Star Head-to-Head

The Lone Star Head-to-Head Matchups are games that co-hosts Mike Wright and Chris Doelle disagree on. When one of these comes up, we keep a tally as to who has won more. Last season Chris blew Mike away winning every single LSHtH matchup. It looks to be starting off the same way.

Wolfforth Frenship vs. Wichita Falls Rider Raiders

Mike took Wolfforth Frenship in this one because despite losing Seth Doege to a knee injury last season they still managed to go very far in the playoffs last season. Chris took the Rider Raiders because despite nearly everyone else in the state ranking WF ahead of them, his poll showed Wichita Falls Rider as the better team.

Wolfforth Frenship--------7
Wichita Falls Rider-------31

Lone Star Head-to-Head Standings
"Mighty" Mike----------------0
C-Dogg Chris Doelle--------1

What are your thoughts?