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10-5A All-District Teams — 2008






District 10-5A All-District Teams -- 2008

District MVP:
Jonathon Miller Naaman Forest Running back Senior
Offensive Player of the Year:
Adrian Phillips Garland Quarterback Junior
Defensive Player of the Year:
Greg Brown Garland Defensive back Senior
Sophomores of the Year:
Defense Zach Wood Rowlett DE
Offense Terrance Patrick Rowlett OG
Coach of the Year:
Bill Patterson   Naaman Forest 


First Team All-District

Blake Hamblin Rowlett Quarterback Senior
Jonathon Miller Naaman Forest Running back Senior
Dexter Imade Rowlett Running back Senior
Michael Thomas South Garland Running back Senior
Vance Thomas Lakeview Running back Senior
Marquise Goodwin Rowlett Wide Receiver Senior
Alex Updyke Garland Wide Receiver Senior
John Harris Naaman Forest Wide Receiver Junior
Darnell Smith South Garland Wide Receiver Senior
Brandon Hobdy Lakeview Wide Receiver Junior
Brandon Lowery Sachse Wide Receiver Junior
Adam Waddell Rowlett Tight End Senior
Adrian Phillips Garland Athlete Junior
Justin Lockett South Garland Athlete Junior
Rance Guthrie Rowlett Center Senior
Ismael Vasquez Rowlett Offensive line Senior
Ryan Robertson Garland Offensive line Senior
Nate Myers Naaman Forest Offensive line Senior
J.V. Mason Naaman Forest Offensive line Senior
Corin Cline South Garland Offensive line Senior


Jonathan Smith Garland Defensive Tackle Senior
Chris Gross Lakeview Defensive Tackle Senior
Michael Daniels Naaman Forest Defensive End Junior
Branden Wright Garland Defensive End Senior
Derek Douglas Sachse Defensive End Senior
Nick Nanez Rowlett Defensive End Senior
Tevin Jackson Garland Inside Linebacker Junior
Javarius Hawkins North Garland Inside Linebacker Junior
Ryan Conley Lakeview Inside Linebacker Senior
Steven Baker Garland Outside Linebacker Senior
Cordero Smith Naaman Forest Outside Linebacker Junior
Augustine Ezeoke Lakeview Outside Linebacker Senior
Marquale Pierson Rowlett Outside Linebacker Senior
D.J. Hendrix Naaman Forest Cornerback Senior
Denzel Davis South Garland Cornerback Senior
Hilbert Jackson Rowlett Cornerback Senior
Greg Brown Garland Safety Senior
Jamaal White South Garland Safety Senior
Tyhre Ivery Garland Safety Junior
Terrance Bullitt Naaman Forest Safety Senior
Chadd Dearen Rowlett Kicker/Punter Senior



Second Team All-District


Derrick Osborn Naaman Forest Quarterback Senior
Michael Giddings Garland Running back Senior
LaChristian Shepherd Sachse Running back Senior
Demario Broadnax Naaman Forest Running back Senior
Jamel Follins North Garland Running back Senior
Josh Powell Rowlett Wide Receiver Junior
Keith Blanton Garland Wide Receiver Senior
Anthony McGhee North Garland Wide Receiver Junior
Mitchell Gates Lakeview Wide Receiver Senior
Troncais Banks Sachse Wide Receiver Senior
Brandon Johnson Lakeview Tight End Senior
Devonte Davenport North Garland  Athlete Senior
Matt Moffatt Garland Center Senior
Craig Sams South Garland Center Junior
Paul Ives North Garland Center Junior
Valerian Ezeoke Lakeview Offensive Line Sophomore
Rickey Bolds Sachse Offensive Line Junior
O’Chea Thomas Rowlett Offensive Line Junior
J. Stigler North Garland Offensive Line Senior
Josh Burrola Garland Offensive Line Senior
Gray Mowery South Garland Offensive Line Senior


Kevin White Garland Defensive Tackle Senior
Chaz Ezidore Naaman Forest Defensive Tackle Senior
Douglas Ayozie North Garland Defensive Tackle Senior
Gary Young Garland Defensive End Senior
Langston Rhynes North Garland Defensive End Senior
Zach Wood Rowlett Defensive End Sophomore
Kevin Bennett Lakeview Defensive End Senior
Josh Law Rowlett Inside Linebacker Senior
Jeremy Cummings Garland Inside Linebacker Junior
Jordan Davis South Garland Inside Linebacker Sophomore
Darius Bates Garland Outside Linebacker Junior
Will Wright South Garland Outside Linebacker Junior
Goda Chujor Lakeview Outside Linebacker Senior
Dozie Ejesieme Rowlett Outside Linebacker Senior
Carl Perrymon Rowlett Cornerback Senior
Chevy Bennett Sachse Cornerback Senior
Kevin Adkins Garland Cornerback Senior
Ben Roman North Garland Safety Senior
Deion Imade Rowlett Safety Junior
Russell Cornist Lakeview Safety Senior
Patrick Pryor Naaman Forest Safety Senior
Jaime Salazar South Garland Kicker Senior
Jacob Lindo Garland Punter Junior

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