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30-4A All-District Teams — 2008






30-4A  All-District Teams -- 2008

District MVP:
Eric Soza, sr., Beeville Jones.

Offensive Player of the Year:
O.J. Sanchez, sr., Corpus Christi Ray.

Defensive Player of the Year:
Jeremy Boyd, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.

Newcomer of the Year:
Kyle Fishbeck, so., Gregory-Portland.

Coach of the Year:
George Harris, Gregory-Portland.

Most Valuable Offensive Back:
Sterling Jones, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.

Most Valuable Receiver:
Jovan Gonzales, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray.

Most Valuable Offensive Lineman:
Moises Samayoa, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.

Most Valuable Defensive Lineman:
Kaleb Eddleman, sr., Gregory-Portland.

Most Valuable Linebacker:
Ryan Ramirez, sr., Beeville Jones.

Most Valuable Defensive Back:
Duck Lowrance, sr., Gregory-Portland.



First Team All-District

Quarterback: Dalton Conway, jr., Rockport-Fulton; James Ezzell, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Running back: Joey Sanchez, jr., Gregory-Portland; Xavier Archangel, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Fullback: Abel Fitts, sr., Corpus Christi Miller.
Wide receiver: Holden Rios*, sr., Gregory-Portland; Matt Botello, sr., Beeville Jones; Josh Gonzales, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray; Kevin Lynch, sr., Rockport-Fulton.
Tight end: Travis Stephens, jr., Gregory-Portland.
Center: Juan Carlos Rodriguez, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Guard: Rob Ruiz*, sr., Gregory-Portland; Dawayne Lewis, jr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Tackle: Chance Vernon, jr., Gregory-Portland; Alex Cano, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun; D.J. Richey, sr., Beeville Jones.
Kicker: Esteban Martinez, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.


Line: Robby Horton, sr., Beeville Jones; Bryan King, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun; Adrian Duenes, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray.
End: Derek Parker*, sr., Gregory-Portland; Corey McDonough, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Linebacker: Brandon Cable*, sr,. Gregory-Portland;Corpus Christi Ray Lunetta, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray; Haz Brasfield, sr., Beeville Jones.
Cornerback: Derek Cox, sr., Gregory-Portland; Joseph Vaughn, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Safety: Matt Botello, sr., Beeville Jones; Isaac Lugo, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray.
Punter: Esteban Martinez, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.


Second Team All-District

Quarterback: Justin Maza, sr., Corpus Christi Moody.
Running back: Albert Carrillo, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray; Alex Willis, sr., Rockport-Fulton; Val Valdez, sr., Beeville Jones.
Fullback: Kevin Vento, sr., Gregory-Portland.
Wide receiver: Chucky Rodriguez, sr., Rockport-Fulton; Christian Garza Gallegos, sr., Corpus Christi Moody.
Tight end: Lozaro Smith, jr., Beeville Jones.
Center: Justin Pena, sr., Beeville Jones.
Guard: Joseph Ganceras, sr., Beeville Jones; Dakota Taylor, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun.
Tackle: James Noriega, sr., Gregory-Portland; Adrian Reyes, jr.,Corpus Christi Ray; Thomas Smith, sr., Beeville Jones.
Kicker: Jonathan Velasco, jr., Gregory-Portland.

Line: Ben Medina, sr., Gregory-Portland; TerryCorpus Christi Ray, sr., Corpus Christi Miller; Adam Naranjo, sr., Rockport-Fulton; Ben Castro, sr., Beeville Jones.
End: Jahler Lawson, sr., Corpus Christi Miller; Caleb Perez, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray.
Linebacker: Juan Lopez, sr., Corpus Christi Miller; J.D. Hernandez, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray; Nick Dominguez, jr., Rockport-Fulton.
Cornerback: Michael Perry, so., Corpus Christi Miller; Albert Carrillo, sr.,Corpus Christi Ray.
Safety: Isaac Sanchez, sr., Gregory-Portland; Xavier Archangel, sr., Port Lavaca Calhoun; Shaquille Mayberry, so., Corpus Christi Miller; Dana Beach, jr., Rockport-Fulton; Derrell Jackson, sr., Beeville Jones.
Punter: Holden Rios, so., Gregory-Portland.

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