Lone Star Gridiron

23-1A All District Teams — 2008

23-1A All District Teams -- 2008

District MVP:
Justin Crain/Evadale

Offensive MVP:
Tyler Copeland/ West Hardin

Defensive MVP:
Terrance Willis/ Evadale

Offensive Newcomer:
Dustin Potts/Evadale

Defensive Newcomer:
Tyler Caruthers/West Hardin

Offensive Special Teams:
Tyler Tucker/Evadale
Robert Alford/Burkeville
Shawn Ancisco/West Hardin

Defensive Sp Teams:
Dalton Walters/Evadale
Jacob Barnes/Chester
Keith Gilmore/Hull-Daisetta
Kicker-Josh Swift/Evadale
Colby Henry/Hull Daisetta
Punter-Jared Eaves/Colmesneil
Troy Hopson/Burkeville

Mark Williams/ Evadale

1ST Team All District

QB-Sam Elliot/Hull Daisetta
RB-Wes Massingill/Evadale
RB-Aaron Cook/Hull Daisetta
RB-Dalton Woodrum/Chester
RB-Justin Doiron/West Hardin
WR Garrett Landis/Evadale
WR-Joseph Sheffield/Colmesneil
WR-Chase Franklin/Chester
WR-Ben Miller/West Hardin
WR- Allan Jones/West Hardin
TE- Adam Stark/Evadale
TE-Tre Dickerson/Hull Daisetta
Cen-Garth Baumann/Evadale
Cen-Derrick Hinson/West Hardin
G-Chance Burnett/Evadale
G-Colt Hughes/High Island
G-Ryan Homniok/Chester
G-Chris Fregia/West Hardin
T- Jon Jones/Evadale
T- Cody Ingram/ West Hardin
T- Curtis Dahon/ Colmesneil

DT- Garth Baumann/ Evadale
DT- John Harrington/ West Hardin
DT- Kevin Thompson/ Hull Daisetta
DT- Garrett Jones/ High Island
DT- J.T. Whitworth/ Chester
DE- Billy Nichols/ Evadale
DE- Shelby Stanley/ Evadale
DE- Allan Jones/ West Hardin
DE- Weston Morgan/ Chester
DE- Tre Dickerson/ Hull Daisetta
LB- Chris Harvey/ Evadale
LB- Aaron Cook/ Hull Daisetta
LB- Jared Eaves/ Colmesneil
LB- Trey Hall/ High Island
LB- Justin Doiron/ West Hardin
CB- Justin Royal/ Evadale
CB- Carl Davis/ Chester
CB- Ben Miller/ West Hardin
S- Mitchell Freeman/ Evadale
S- Tyner George/ High Island
S- Jacob Fregia/ Hull Daisetta

2nd Team All District

QB- Micah Stringer/Evadale
QB- Tyner George/ High Island
RB- Billy Nichols/Evadale
RB- Jared Eaves/ Colmesneil
RB- Donald Hooks/ High Island
RB- Alex Johnson/Chester
WR- Justin Royal/ Evadale
WR- Donovan Garrett/ Burkeville
WR- Luke Bumstead/ Colmesneil
WR- David Harris/ Colmesneil
WR- Max Reho/ High Island
TE- Chris Citrano/ Chester
Cen- Lynn Harris/ High Island
G- Justin Harris/ Sabine Pass
G- Blake Turner/ Colmesneil
G- Jaron Jenkins/ Burkeville
T- Tyler Tucker/ Evadale
T- Holden Ray/ Sabine Pass
T- John Harrington/ West Hardin

DT- Jon Jones/ Evadale
DT- Tyler Tucker/ Evadale
DT- Curtis Duhon/ Colmesneil
DT- Sam Hanley/ Chester
DE- Logan Peltier/ Sabine Pass
DE- Zack Wiley/ Colmesneil
DE- Chris Christy/ High Island
LB- Jake Creel/ Burkeville
LB- Cody Letsinger/ West Hardin
LB- Brad Burg/ Sabine Pass
CB- Garrett Landis/ Evadale
CB- Joseph Sheffield/ Colmesneil
S- Aaron Broussard/ Colmesneil
S- Sam Elliot/ Hull Daisetta

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