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Sunnyvale Gets Brownsboro Coach

2011 Coaching Change: Sunnyvale Raiders

Old Head Coach: Ben Wright -- Led the Raiders to a 3-7 during their first ever varsity season.

New Head Coach: John Settle -- From Brownsboro where he led the Bear to a 49-38-0 record over 8 seasons. Before becoming the Head Coach at Brownsboro he was an assistant at North Mesquite. Coach Settle was a member of the a member of the 1983 Daingerfield team that may be the best high school football team ever. That year the Tigers won the championship and only allowed eight points all season.

Team News: The Raiders played their first varsity season in 2010 after opening the high school in 2009. For the pas 56 years Sunnyvale only went through eighth grade. They then went to North Mesquite for high school.

By: Michael Wright
Lone Star Gridiron

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