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Brownfield Replaces Taylor After Only One Season

2011 Coaching Change: Brownfield Cubs

Old Head Coach: Steve Taylor -- Returns to the Denver City where he was the head coach from 1992-1997. He was here with the Cubs for only one season going 3-7-0 last season. He had an amazing record of 49-13-1 during his time at Denver City. His
other head coaching jobs have been at 2A Ozona 1999-2003 5 years 43-17-0 and 3A Midland Greenwood 2005-2009 5 years 36-22. He began his coaching career with the Mustangs as an assistant in 1981. He has retired twice now from coaching and has come back better than ever each time.

New Head Coach: Bryan Welps -- From 2A Amarillo River Road where he led the Wildcats to a 23-39-0 record over the last 6 seasons. His 2009 team made it to the Class 2A Division I quarterfinals.

Team News: Only 1 winning season (2007) in the last 8 years

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By: Michael Wright
Lone Star Gridiron

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