Lone Star Gridiron

Texas High School Football Playoff Brackets – COMPLETE

Grab your's now - print it.  Fill it out.  Brag to your friends as your team rolls through the playoffs.  Don't forget to let us hear from you so during your title trek, your team takes home a Fan Championship too!!

5A Division  I  LSG-playoffs-5a-d1
5A Division II LSG-playoffs-5a-d2

4A Division I  LSG-playoffs-4a-d1
4A Division II  LSG-playoffs-4a-d2

3A Division I LSG-playoffs-3a-d1
3A Division II LSG-playoffs-3a-d2

2A Division I LSG-playoffs-2a-d1
2A Division II LSG-playoffs-2a-d2

1A Division I LSG-playoffs-1a-d1
1A Division II LSG-playoffs-1a-d2

Sixman Division I LSG-playoffs-6man-d1
Sixman Division II LSG-playoffs-6man-d2
Let's hear your comments... who do you face this week?  Who is going to win?  Who will go all the way?  Who is overrated?  Tell the whole state right here or call it in to the voicemail line, 713-568-6361 or 512-827-8585.


  1. Gary Sharp

    November 7, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Right off the start, Euless Trinity is my overrated team. Katy will win Division II, I think Desoto will win Division II but lookout for Allen very battle tested.

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