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Tell us about your season – win a cap!!

That's right!  All you have to do is call in the LSG Voice-mail line and give us a recap of the 2011 Texas high school football season.  Tell us what you loved.  Tell us what you hated.  Give a shout-out to your favorite player, team or coach.  You name it - YOU DECIDE!

Call the voicemail line at 713-568-6361 NOW!!

The LSG Voice-mail line records up to three minutes on each call.  There is no cost - you can call as much as you like. Enter as often as you wish.  Just get out there and let the world know what you loved about all the action this season!

The top finalists will go into a vote that we will conduct with fans around the state using twitter, facebook and our website.  The highest vote-getter will win a limited edition Lone Star Gridiron Cap!

What are your thoughts?