Lone Star Gridiron

2012 Lone Star Gridiron Spirit Bowl Enhances Offering

The 2012 Lone Star Gridiron Spirit Bowl announced this week that in addition to being the first All-Star game to feature both public and private school athletes in the same bowl game, they will be on the same teams!  Initially, the plan was to have the private schools and public schools compete in this unique approach to an All-Star Game.

Director and founder, Gordon McKee explained it this way, "Part of the beauty of the Lone Star Gridiron Spirit Bowl is the coming together of what have been two different worlds of football - public and private.  What better way to really combine those worlds than to have them play side-by-side on the same team?  Rather than highlight our differences and focus on what separates us, we felt we should come together in the true spirit of Texas high school football and play together."

McKee says that talks are underway with the bowl sponsors to even possibly stream the game LIVE for fans around the world to watch.  If that comes to pass, LSG-TV has already agreed to carry the feed on Lone Star Gridiron as well as other outlets.

The 2012 Lone Star Gridiron Spirit Bowl will be held June 29th, 2012 in Moody, Texas (about 25 miles outside of Waco.)

Coaches for the two all star teams are Coach John Ward – Head Football/AD Moody H.S. , Moody, TX and Coach Aaron Stone – Head Football/AD – Lubbock Christian School.

To nominate Senior players, fill out the nomination form at SpiritBowl.org

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