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2013 Championship Survey


2013 Texas High School Football Championship Survey Poll

It is that time of year again - time to get your predictions on who is going to win a title this year.  Each year, we ask two questions.

1 - Who is going to repeat as champs?
2 - What runner-up is going to finish the job and win it all this year?

Last year, the only two champions that managed to repeat were two 6-Man winners, Throckmorton and Richland Springs.   Also, the only two runners-up who managed to "finish the job" were both 1A teams, Munday and Stamford - in fact, they were the only two runners-up who even made it back to the big game.  So who is going to grab that ring this year?  Give us your opinion!


by Chris Doelle
Lone Star Gridiron
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