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Hal Wasson – LSG Texas High School Football Coaches Show

LSG Texas High School Football Coaches Show

Chris Doelle sits down with Coach Hal Wasson in the newest episode of this groundbreaking series on Lone Star Gridiron.  In the show, we celebrate the coaches that have made a different in the lives of people around them.  This interview is chock-full of wisdom and insight from Coach Wasson.

Texas High School Football Coaches ShowListen in as we discuss:

  • How hauling grain and Dr. Pepper led to his first coaching job.
  • Appreciation for the position of coaching kids.
  • How Coach Wasson's coaching style has transitioned.
  • Who were the major influences on Coach Wasson's career?
  • We have two objectives as coaches - to win and to teach life lessons.
  • "Anticipate adversity as long as you will anticipate success"
  • Coach Wasson's explanation of "the huddle" and what makes it so great.
  • His coaching goals and how they play a role in his journey.

COACHES: we want to hear your story as well.  If you are a current or former Texas high school football head coach, contact us and we will set up a time for your interview!

All I Need to Know I Learned From Texas High School FootballThe LSG Texas High School Football Coaches Show series is brought to you by the upcoming book, "All I Need to Know I Learned From My Texas High School Football Coach: A handbook of wisdom for parents, young people and yes, even coaches" by Ken Purcell and Chris Doelle.

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