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The Games - 2016 Week 1

#37 6A Northside Brennan @ #34 6A San Antonio ReaganChris20wredMike20w feedback football

Mike20w Reagan by 4 points

Chris20wred Home field advantage is the only big difference here. The Rattler Nation will be electric.

feedback football SA Reagan 57% Northside Brennan 43%

FINAL: San Antonio Reagan 13, Northside Brennan 10

#27 5A Kerrville TivyMike20w @ #79 6A Northside Stevens

Mike20w Tivy by 1 point

FINAL: Northside Stevens 34, Kerrville Tivy 29

#132 5A Austin Reagan @ #35 4A DI BurnetMike20w

Reagan will be trying for their 350th All-Time Win

Mike20w Burnet by 12 points

#41 4A DI Fredericksburg @ #51 4A DI LampasasMike20w

Lampasas leads the series 27-23-3 all-time vs. Fredericksburg

Mike20w Lampasas by 1

FINAL: Lampasas 33, Fredericksburg 12

#181 6A North Crowley @ #103 5A The ColonyMike20w

Mike20w The Colony by 1

FINAL: The Colony 31, North Crowley 18

#38 6A Garland RowlettMike20w @ #126 6A Lewisville

Mike20w Rowlett by 6

FINAL: Garland Rowlett 20, Lewisville 17

#17 5A Boerne ChampionMike20w vs. #93 5A Prosper @ BAYLOR

Mike20w Champion by 8

FINAL: Boerne Champion 17, Prosper 14

#43 6A Dallas Jesuit @ #6 6A DesotoMike20w Chris20wred

Chris20wred DeSoto will showcase their new lineup at home to a resounding victory

Mike20w Desoto by 7

FINAL: DeSoto 47, Dallas Jesuit 13

#98 5A ElginMike20w @ #194 6A Killeen Harker Heights

Mike20w Elgin by 1

#229 6A La Joya @ #164 5A Rio Grande CityMike20w

Mike20w RGC by 1

FINAL: Rio Grande City 12, La Joya 7

#103 6A Katy Seven LakesMike20w @ #140 6A Houston Memorial

Mike20w Seven Lakes by 1

FINAL: Katy Seven Lakes 10, Houston Memorial 7

#77 5A Frisco Independence Chris20wredMike20w @ #250 5A Frisco Reedy

Chris20wred The Star will be home to the first victory of the season for Independence

Mike20w Independence by 21

Lovington NM @ #70 4A DII Denver CityChris20wredMike20w

Chris20wred Knowing absolutely nothing about Lovington, NM football and even with Denver City being a middle of the road 4A team, I have to go with Texas.

FINAL: Denver City 38, Lovington, New Mexico 21

#22 4A DI StephenvilleMike20w @ #66 5A Cleburne

Cleburne will be trying for their 600th All-Time Win

Mike20w Stephenville by 1

FINAL: Cleburne 66, Stephenville 40

Hoover Alabama @ #8 6A Allen Chris20wredMike20w feedback football

Allen will be going for their 400th all-time win

Chris20wred A few years back this would have been a better matchup but even Hoover at their best was not competitive against the best in Texas. There is a lot of talk about Allen being weaker without E.J. Ndoma (who transferred to the Death Star called IMG Academy) but that just makes it an interesting matchup.

feedback football Allen 93% - Hoover 7%

FINAL: Allen 25, Hoover, Alabama 7

Union Oklahoma @ #7 6A Southlake Carroll Chris20wredMike20w

Southlake Carroll will be going for their 500th all-time win

Chris20wred Let me just say, "Texas forever!" If Oklahoma football could compete against Texas, they wouldn't have needed to raid our players for the OU National Championship wins.

FINAL: Union , Oklahoma 21, Southlake Carroll 10

#14 6A The Woodlands Chris20wred Mike20w @ #54 6A Cypress Fairbanks

Chris20wred Cy Fair is a good team but there is something special about a head football coach who has his son in his Senior year playing QB. Add that to the fact that The Woodlands is traditionally a team that starts fast in the season and you have a Highlanders win.

Mike20w The Woodlands by 2 - I am expecting a close defensive battle just like last years 28-7 win by The Woodlands. The Highlanders lead this series 4-1 since 2002. Their 2002 game was a Bi-District game that The Woodlands won 21-14

FINAL: The Woodlands 23, Cypress Fairbanks 20

#15 4A DII GrahamChris20wred @ #31 4A DI SangerMike20w

Mike20w Sanger by 2

FINAL: Sanger 45, Graham 7

#22 3A DI HallettsvilleChris20wredMike20w @ #40 3A DII Schulenburg

Mike20w Hallettsville by 1

FINAL: Hallettsville 45, Schulenburg 0

#31 6A Abilenefeedback football @ #25 6A San Angelo CentralChris20wredMike20w
Abilene will be going for their 675th all-time win
Abilene leads this series 44-42-5 all-time vs. Central

Chris20wred These two are now in separate districts and both are expected to win theirs. Last year Abilene surprised a Central team that a lot of folks thought were better with a 31-24 victory. This year, San Angelo Central gets revenge.

Mike20w Central by 5 points

feedback football Abilene 54% Central 46%

FINAL: San Angelo Central 63, Abilene 26

#2 3A DII CanadianChris20wredMike20w @ #35 4A DII Bushland

Mike20w Canadian by 1

Chris20wred Really Mike? 1 point? How soon they forget.

FINAL: Bushland 38, Canadian 35

#14 4A DII Pittsburg Mike20w @ #45 4A DI Crandall

Mike20w Pittsburg by 1

#35 6A Odessa Permian feedback football @ #26 6A Leander VandegriftMike20w

Vandegrift will be trying for their 50th All-Time Wins

Mike20w Vandegrift by 4

feedback football Odessa Permian 58% Leander Vandegrift 42%

FINAL: Odessa Permian 21, Leander Vandegrift 20

#41 6A Waco Hewitt Midway @ #3 5A Cedar ParkMike20w

Mike20w Cedar Park by 7

FINAL : Cedar Park 43, Waco Hewitt Midway 13

#91 5A Gregory-Portland @ #23 4A DI El CampoMike20w

GP Head Coach Rick Rhoades will be going for his 125th all-time coaching win in his GP Debut

Mike20w El Campo by 9

FINAL: El Campo 59, Gregory-Portland 10

#187 5A Houston Sterling @ #14 3A DI La MarqueChris20wredMike20w

Mike20w La Marque by 15

#2 3A DI Brock vs. #21 2A DI Stamford

FINAL: Brock 52, Stamford 0

#86 5A Waco University @ #39 5A Austin LBJMike20w

Mike20w LBJ by 8

#120 5A ForneyMike20w@ #216 6A Richardson Berkner

Mike20w Forney by 1

FINAL : Forney 42, Richardson Berkner 10

#131 6A Pflugerville @ #88 6A Austin BowieMike20w

Mike20w Bowie by 8

FINAL: Austin Bowie 7, Pflugerville 0

#8 5A TempleChris20wredMike20w feedback football @ #44 6A Belton

Chris20wred The top of a lower class is usually much stronger than the middle of an upper class. This will be a tight one because Belton is still ranked pretty high in 6A and they have home field advantage.

Mike20w Temple by 1 This will be a must watch game

feedback football Temple 86% - Belton 14%

FINAL: Temple 28, Belton 20

#23 6A Fort Bend Ridge Point Chris20wredMike20w @ #100 6A Humble Kingwood

Mike20w Ridge Point by 5

Chris20wred This is where computer prediction models break down. Ridge Point is much better than a 5 point favorite,

FINAL: Fort Bend Ridge Point 31, Humble Kingwood 10

#245 5A Houston Wisdom @ #153 5A TomballChris20wredMike20w

Mike20w Tomball by 13

Chris20wred This is a political pick as much as anything, I just can't get behind teams renaming because of political correctness.

FINAL: Tomball 53, Houston Wisdom 0

#224 6A Northside Clark @ #125 6A San Antonio Churchill

Churchill is 18-15-2 2-1 playoffs all-time vs. Northside Clark in the Gucci Bowl

Mike20w Churchill by 13

#165 6A San Benito @ #51 6A Laredo UnitedMike20w

Laredo United Head Coach David G. Sanchez will be trying for his 175th all-time win

Mike20w United by 15

#195 5A Sherman @ #193 5A Sulphur SpringsMike20w

Mike20w Springs by 4

FINAL : Sulphur Springs 43, Sherman 42

#106 5A Medina ValleyMike20w @ #222 6A Eagle Pass

Medina Valley Head Coach Chris Soza will be trying for his 150th all-time coaching win

Mike20w Valley by 1

FINAL: Medina Valley 22, Eagle Pass 20

#16 6A PearlandChris20wred Mike20w@ #75 6A Clear Springs

Mike20w Pearland by 3 points (closer game than most expect)

FINAL: Pearland 28, Clear Springs 24

#61 6A Edinburg Vela @ #29 5A Victoria EastChris20wredMike20w

Mike20w East by 7 points

FINAL: Edinburg Vela 63, Victoria East 62

#69 4A DII Sweeny @ #57 4A DI West ColumbiaMike20w

Mike20w Columbia by 8

#30 6A Rockwall @ #12 5A Dallas Highland ParkChris20wredMike20w

Rockwall will be trying for their 550th All-Time Win

Mike20w Highland Park by 4

FINAL: Dallas Highland Park 43, Rockwall 21

#38 3A DII Clifton @ #88 4A DII HillsboroMike20w

Mike20w Hillsboro by 1

FINAL: Hillsboro 13, Clifton 6

#21 3A DII Lexington @ #10 2A DI MartMike20w

Mike20w Mart by 4

FINAL: Mart 22, Lexington 20

#239 5A Fort Worth Western Hills @ #227 5A GranburyMike20w

Mike20w Granbury by 5

FINAL: Granbury 25, Fort Worth Western Hills 7

#19 5A Mansfield Lake Ridge @ #11 6A Denton GuyerChris20wredMike20w

Lake Ridge will be playing in their 50th All-Time Game

Mike20w Guyer by 6

FINAL : Denton Guyer 55, Mansfield Lake Ridge 35

#32 6A Longview feedback football @ #40 6A LufkinMike20w

Longview leads this series 38-35-4; 5-4 playoffs all time vs. Lufkin

Mike20w Lufkin by 2

Chris20wred Going to college at SFA, these two programs are both very dear to me. Rankings mean nothing when they meet and I keep going back and forth on who to pick. I am going to weeny out and just pick "great game - must see!"

feedback football Longview 51% Lufkin 49%

FINAL: Lufkin 35, Longview 24

#18 6A Spring Westfield @ #24 6A Houston LamarMike20w

Westfield will be playing in their 400th All-Time game

Mike20w Lamar by 2

FINAL: Houston Lamar 38, Spring Westfield 28

#2 6A Katy feedback football @ #1 6A Austin Westlake Chris20wredMike20w

Be sure to check out the video interviews with Coach Gary Joseph and DC Matt McDaniel

Chris20wred Westlake has a couple things going for them in this matchup. 1 - Katy spends much of the pre-district figuring out who is the best player at each position. Because of that, they don't always go "all in" for a game that really has no bearing on the team's success. Coach Joseph has a season plan that outweighs his game plan. As it is hard to beat the same team twice and likely the two will meet again in the postseason, better to learn a few things this time and pull out the big guns when in the playoffs. 2 - Coach Todd Dodge too is a brilliant tactician and his star QB Sam Ehlinger a brilliant talent. The electricity in the stadium will be the equivalent of a title fight. The fans may just "will" the team to victory.

Mike20w Westlake by 4 points (home field advantage and they are our #1 team

feedback football Katy 64% - Westlake 36%

FINAL: Austin Westlake 32, Katy 29

#15 6A Converse Judson @ #3 6A Austin Lake TravisChris20wredMike20w

Mike20w Lake Travis by 5 points

FINAL: Converse Judson 35, Austin Lake Travis 28

#2 5A Denton Ryan Mike20w @ #14 5A Lancaster

Mike20w Ryan by 1

FINAL: Denton Ryan 35, Lancaster 23

#5 5A Crosby @ #6 5A Manvel feedback footballMike20w

Mike20w Manvel by 2 This is going to be a great one!!

feedback football Manvel 74% Crosby 26%

FINAL: Manvel 35, Crosby 21

#142 6A Buda Hays Consolidated Chris20wred feedback football @ #161 5A Georgetown East View Mike20w
Buda will be playing for their 325th all-time win

Chris20wred Yes, this is a homer pick. I live less than a mile from the stadium and my boy is a RB on the varsity. But even if that weren't the case, I think Hays Consolidated has the defense to keep this game close and come out with a road victory.

Mike20w Chris has always been a homer. East View upsets Buda by 1

feedback football Hays 61% - East View 39%

FINAL: Hays Consolidated 26, Georgetown East View 18

#33 5A Texas City @ #36 6A FriendswoodMike20w
Friendswood 650th All-Time Game

Mike20w Friendswood by 7

FINAL: Friendswood 54, Texas City 20

#166 6A Houston Westside @ #121 5A BrenhamChris20wredMike20w

Westside will be trying for their 100th All-Time Wins
Brenham Head Coach Glen West will be coaching his 225th game @ Brenham

Mike20w Brenham by 1

FINAL: Brenham 39, Houston Westside 6

#40 5A Everman @ #35 5A Mansfield TimberviewMike20w

Everman Head Coach Dale Keeling will be going for his 225th all-time coaching win

Mike20w Timberview by 4

#22 5A Mansfield Summit @ #10 6A MansfieldMike20w

Summit will be trying for their 100th All-Time Win

Mike20w Mansfield by 7

FINAL: Mansfield 28, Mansfield Summit 10

#4 4A DI Texarkana Liberty-EylauMike20w vs. #5 4A DII GilmerChris20wred @ TYLER ROSE STADIUM

Mike20w Eylau by 1 (Great Game!!)

FINAL: Gilmer 61, Texarkana Liberty-Eylau 55

#7 4A DI CarthageMike20w @ #10 4A DII Gladewater

Mike20w Carthage by 1


#6 3A DI Franklin @ #6 4A DI NavasotaChris20wredMike20w

Chris20wred This will tell us a lot about Navasota after Fedora. They have a really good test right off the bat.

Mike20w Navasota by 4

FINAL: Franklin 38, Navasota 22

#6 4A DII La Grange @ #11 4A DI Liberty HillMike20w

Mike20w Liberty Hill by 2


#9 4A DII Giddings @ #3 4A DII Geronimo NavarroChris20wredMike20w

Mike20w Navarro by 4

Chris20wred I think this is a much bigger win. Giddings will bring the speed but Navarro will bring everyone for miles around and the heart.

FINAL: Geronimo Navarro 37, Giddings 21

#3 3A DI Cameron Yoe @ #4 4A DII BellvilleMike20w

Mike20w Bellville by 3

FINAL: Cameron Yoe 33, Bellville 10

#18 4A DII Lorena @ #3 4A DI China SpringMike20w

China Spring Head Coach Mark Bell will be going for his 150th coaching win @ China Spring

Mike20w Spring by 6

FINAL: China Spring 49, Lorena 12

#78 4A DII Hondo @ #10 3A DI YoakumMike20w

Yoakum will be playing in their 1,000th All-Time Game

Mike20w Yoakum by 17

FINAL: Yoakum 46, Hondo 28

#6 2A DI MasonMike20w @ #14 2A DI Goldthwaite

Mike20w Mason by 1

FINAL: Goldthwaite 30, Mason 13

#24 3A DI Goliad @ #2 2A DI ShinerMike20w

Mike20w Shiner by 8

FINAL: Shiner 34, Goliad 13

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