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2016 Week 5 Extra Points

Texas High School Football Extra Points

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The Games - 2016 Week 4

#4 6A Converse JudsonChris20wredMike20w at #6 6A Cibolo Steele

Chris20wred - Anyone who knows their Texas high school football history would choose Cibolo Steele in this series.  6-0 all-time against Converse and several runs to the state championship game.  Converse Judson has been a team that is always a top tier program but hasn’t been state championship worthy in a while.  Cibolo Steele is at home. Everything on paper is screaming to pick the Knights. I think both streaks end this year.  It really comes down to Steele’s tackling.  I just saw too many arm tackles in their loss to Austin Lake Travis and know that Judson is solid on fundamentals.  ROCKETS win 42-38!

Mike20w - This is going to be a great game. Both teams will make deep runs into the playoffs. This is at Cibolo and the Knights own this series. That is exactly why the ROCKETS will win it 36-33!!

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