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The 15th Battle of Conway

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A Street Divides Them but Football Brings Them Together

The Battle of Conway all started when the City of Mission, Texas decided to add another high school.  Conway Avenue is the main road that divides Mission High School and Mission Veterans Memorial High School. All students that live on the west side of Conway attend Mission high and all students that live on the east side of Conway attend Mission Veterans Memorial high school.  In Mission, Texas it is known that you pick a side on the night of The Battle of Conway.

The game has been going on since Veterans Memorial started playing varsity football in the Fall of 2002.  It hasn't always had a name worthy of our Cool Name Games. Officials wanted to downplay competition initially because of the high emotions surrounding the splitting of the original Mission High School student body into separate schools.  Nobody can actually lock down when it started being known as the Battle of Conway as the name just sort of evolved naturally.  In recent years however, it has become a really big thing in the city.

Mission leads the series 9-5 with Veterans Memorial winning the last two games

           Battle of Conway Scores
2015  Mission Veterans Memorial 23, Mission 2
2014  Mission Veterans Memorial 14, Mission 7
2013  Mission 44, Mission Veterans Memorial 6
2012  Mission 42, Mission Veterans Memorial 0
2011  Mission 20, Mission Veterans Memorial 0
2010  Mission Veterans Memorial 42, Mission 14
2009  Mission 10, Mission Veterans Memorial 7
2008  Mission 22, Mission Veterans Memorial 19
2007  Mission Veterans Memorial 28, Mission 24
2006  Mission 10, Mission Veterans Memorial 0
2005  Mission Veterans Memorial 31, Mission 2
2004  Mission 17, Mission Veterans Memorial 14
2003  Mission 24, Mission Veterans Memorial 0
2002  Mission 40, Mission Veterans Memorial 14

mcisd.netThis year the Mission Consolidated Independent School District officials have accepted donations on the new trophy that will be added for the winning team for Friday’s game. Each year the trophy will be engraved with the score and the year. Both teams already battle for the helmet that is half Mission high and half Veterans high. This year the winning team will take both the helmet and trophy home. Making The Battle of Conway even tougher than ever.

Patriots coach David Gilpin has prepared his players through practice, watching films and scouting. He also tells us to watch for Patriots offensive standouts QB Diego Hernandez, WR's Roman Deleon, Landry Gilpin and Buda Gonzalez.  On the defensive side of the ball LB's Juan Barradas and  Jazz Vallejo as well as DBs Jacob Garxcia and Aaron Fernandez.

“Our staff feels that we have prepared our team and we are excited about the game,” Coach Gilpin says.

Eagles coach Koy Detmer former star-athlete for Mission high school in the early 1990s and backup quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles has much experience when it comes to the game. Detmer's father was also the coach for Mission high. The Detmers’ have definitely taken Mission high football to another level. Though this is Coach Koy's first year as head coach for Mission High, there’s no doubt that he’s excited to take the field at Fridays game.

“We have had a normal game week of preparation. And our players are excited about the game and have enthusiasm to take the field,” Coach Detmer says.

Though this will be a tough battle for both teams, both coaches are confident in their players. Veterans Memorial high has won the last two years, 14-7 in 2014 and 23-2 in 2015. Both teams enter the game 0-1 after opening week losses, making the battle even more important. The two teams will be battling each other this Friday September 2nd, 2016 at 7:30p.m.

by Chelsie Anguiano

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