Lone Star Gridiron

LSG is Looking for Great Interns!

That's right!  Lone Star Gridiron is looking for great interns.  If you are just looking for something to fill out your resume or burn some time - this is NOT the place for you.

If you ARE looking for a fast-paced, fun environment that will prepare you for the exciting world of sports marketing and management - this IS your stop!!

Whether your interest is in broadcast, marketing or multi-media, LSG will give you an education second-to-none.  LSG has been the leader in bringing new media marketing to the Texas high school football scene.

  • First to create podcast audio and video content of Texas high school football
  • First to have a facebook page
  • First to tweet out scores around the state via Twitter
  • First to LIVE Blog games
  • First to bring you into the stadium every week
  • First to have a Google+ presence
  • First to provide weekly video shows covering the entire state
  • First to give every high school football team in Texas their own website - free!
  • First to launch a 24/7 Texas high school football video network

Lone Star Gridiron will continue to lead the way and YOU will be building a resume that is the envy of the sports media job market!  Whether your interest is in front of the camera or microphone - or behind the scenes - Lone Star Gridiron can give your endless opportunities!

Some of our previous interns include:

  • Major market radio station programmer
  • Austin area television producer
  • Austin area sports cameraman
  • Houston area community newspaper editor
  • Houston area newspaper columnist
  • Baton Rouge freelance sports reporter
  • Minor league sports commissioner
  • Rio Grande Valley sports reporter
  • Austin area sports marketer
  • Austin area professional sports agent
  • Dallas area high school athletic trainer
  • Houston area radio personality

How do you get involved?

Friend/follow/like Lone Star Gridiron on every social media site you can find.

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Congratulations!  You are about to embark on an amazing journey into the world of sports media!