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Morales Looking to Turn Around the Owls

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Throughout his coaching career, Juan Morales, has experienced both ends of the win spectrum.  He endured coaching in a winless season and has also had the gratifying experience of being part of a run to a state final - both as an assistant at Northside Brennan. Morales, now head coach at San Antonio Highlands, hopes to use both the good and bad experiences in his first season with the Owls.

The Owls upcoming season will be one to watch, as we will witness if Morales can create winners out of a team that had a record of 0-10 last season.  The task will be much tougher than just turning around a team in a slump however, these Owls haven't had a winning seasons in 18 years!   In fact, in the last 9 years they have averaged under 2 wins a season.

Coach Morales does not feel that this team is a lost cause.  He is already talking about changing those trends.

“I believe I have been able to bring a preparedness to this athletic program that will help us raise the bar to the next level, while laying the ground work for a continued improvement,” Morales said.

Photo: kens5.com Juan Morales began head coach duties in spring.

Photo: kens5.com
Juan Morales began head coach duties in spring.

Building discipline, putting in effort and enthusiasm, and working as a team are the bricks of the foundation Morales and his coaching staff intend to create.

In spring, when Morales took over as head coach, the coaching staff has designed each drill and exercise to simulate a game-time situation, He said. Every drill, circuit and activity has been a challenging way for each player to put all their efforts into working as a close-knit team.

“Our spring went really well, and I’m looking forward to this fall,” Morales said. “We will come full circle this fall and remind them what they have worked for through our practices and game prep.”

His goal, like many coaches, is to building a championship team and to have players that perform to the best of their ability. Specifically, Morales has some pretty lofty goals spelled out - entering district play with at least one win and he hopes to win at least five games once in district.

“We will not look at the past,” He said. “With some good health and some lucky breaks and a lot of hard work, we should get there.”

Morales admits that there is still a lot of learning to do and said the biggest challenge is making sure each and every player stays enthusiastic and excited about their improvement, no matter what the outcome of each game is.

“I’m excited to be able to bring all my power and knowledge into helping build this program,” Morales said. “Most of all I’m looking forward to seeing our boys experience success.”

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