High School Social Media Playbook available on Amazon Kindle

What every head coach and athletic director needs to know - social media, student athlete, high school

High School Social Media Playbook

by Chris Doelle

Those of you who attended Coaches School and listened to Chris Doelle's presentation "Social Media: Ticking Timebomb or Golden Opportunity?" received an advance copy of his new book, "High School Social Media Playbook."  For the rest of the coaching world, it is available now at Amazon's store for the Kindle.

Who is it for?  Anyone involved in the high school sports world - coaches, administrator, parents, athletic directors, student athletes... you name it.

What does it contain?

  • A sample Social Media Policy that you can adjust to fit your program/school
  • The Ten Commandments of Social Media for Student Athletes (advice to share with your students.)
  • Information and options for monitoring athlete social media usage.
  • Damage control for what to do when things go wrong.

Order your copy and please give a review on Amazon.

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