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Sports Media Internships – great opportunity!

The statewide leader in Texas high school football has made more internships available.  Our goal is to help more high school and college students learn about the sports media/sports marketing business.   Our partnerships with schools around the state have landed some of our great interns some amazing jobs.  Here are just a few:

  • 4947716_300Major market radio station programmer
  • Los Angeles area sports segment producer
  • Dallas area university Sports Information Director
  • Austin area television producer
  • Austin area sports cameraman
  • Houston area community newspaper editor
  • San Marcos area university media relations
  • Houston area newspaper columnist
  • Baton Rouge freelance sports reporter
  • Minor league sports commissioner
  • Rio Grande Valley sports reporter
  • Austin area sports marketer
  • Austin area professional sports agent
  • Dallas area high school athletic trainer
  • Houston area radio personality

What you get:

  • Opportunity to cover the greatest sport in the greatest state
  • Access to sporting events - with full press credentials
  • Build your portfolio and resume
  • Mentorship from a legend in Texas high school football
  • Ability to go off on tangents that interest you

What you give:

  • eric500Your passion for writing
  • Your passion for sports
  • Your enthusiasm for completing goals
  • Your willingness to learn and expand your career
  • Your input on what is important to you

Fill out the form below! <-- that is the first test. If you can't pull that off, don't bother - the world always needs door greeters and burger flippers. If you can, then get ready to carve out a spot for yourself in the cool world of sports media!