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Team Previews- at the beginning of each season we break down everything about each team.


  • Last year's record
  • This years schedule
  • Returning players (# of starters on offense and defense, # of returning lettermen, marquee players that should be noted - All-District, All-State etc.)
  • Coach information (his record etc.)
  • Coach comments (we have each coach give comments about their team, their district and key players)
  • Record from previous years Junior Varsity program
  • Chris Says: Mike Says: - a section where each of us write what we expect from the team this coming season
  • Brotherhood Members - people that played for this team in previous years

Team Histories

  •  complete year-by-year history of a team.
  • wins and losses each and every year the team has been in existence.
  • a breakdown of what years they have made the playoffs and how far.
  • team mascot, team colors, etc.
  • year by year listing of how coaches have done and ranks all the coaches who have ever coached there - by winning percentage.
  • rivalry games they are involved in and their record against rivals.
  • their all-time record
  • district they have played in each year
  • most every game score each season for the past 20 years.

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  • passing yards/game/season career,
  • rushing, receiving,
  • kicking records

Coach Interviews- get the coach’s views on games. Here his/her thoughts on game play, strategy and more.

Player Interviews - You see it played on the field. Now you can get the views of key players before and after the games!

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