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Fan Champs

Welcome to the Lone Star Gridiron Texas High School Football Fan Championships page!

LSG fan champsHow do you earn points for your team?

Audio feedback to LSG!!  This is the Big Kahuna - it dwarfs everything else when it comes to earning points.  You simply call the Fan Feedback line and give a report.  Our voicemail lines 713-568-6361(512) 827-8585 will record anything you have to say (up to 3 minutes per call.)  We will then put it into one of our weekly Texas High School Football Shows!!

  • Call in after the game and report on the action!!
  • Call in before the upcoming game (Sun-Wed to be included in show before your game)
  • Call in general comments or questions you'd like to hear addressed in an upcoming show
  • Call in and give shout outs to players or coaches

All of them earn points - the more you do, the more points.  Share the number with your school and we'll do an entire show just about your game or team!

Photos from games! Earn big Fan Champ points by sending in photos from the game.  All submissions earn points, but the ones we use on the site earn twice as much!  Bust our your camera or iPhone while at the game and earn some props for your team!! Send your photos to info@lonestargridiron.com

Comments on the website!  We love feedback on any of the stories we do.  Make sure to mention your team so they get credit toward being Fan Champs!

Sign up for The Brotherhood of Texas High School Football - Have players past and present from your team sign up for membership in the Brotherhood.  This free signup allows them to be honored for their contribution to "the greatest sport in the greatest state!" (CLICK HERE)

Comments on Facebook! Same deal - make a comment on our posts, start a post of your own, share some high school football love. (CLICK HERE)

Google+ As usual, we continue to lead the way with the integration of technology as the sport we love.  Get out on Google+ and interact with us there to earn BIG points.  (CLICK HERE)

Twitter too!  Show us some love on twitter - retweet (RT) our posts to earn points, get peeps from your school to follow @LSGridiron to earn points, just about anything showing the twitter world that you love #txhsfb will earn you points! (CLICK HERE)

Remember that all communications across all media must be family-friendly to earn points.