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The Story of D.W. Rutledge and the Judson High School Football Dynasty

by Dr. Charles Breithaupt & Chris Doelle

Rocket Man: The Story of D.W. Rutledge and the Judson High School Football Dynasty is a story of one of the most highly decorated and successful football coaches in Texas history.The book is more than just about football. It teaches us the lessons he taught his Rockets. Lessons about character and class and doing what is right are ingrained in this book. Rocket Man will benefit every coach who wishes to build a championship mentality. It will also serve as lessons for leaders of all walks of life.



Dr. Charles Breithaupt currently serves as Executive Director of the Texas University Interscholastic League and Associate Vice-President of the University of Texas at Austin.

He has been inducted into the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame and the Texas Basketball Hall of Fame as well as the Texas High School Coaches Hall of Honor.

Dr. Breithaupt has served on several national committees, including as a liaison to the NCAA Football Rules Committee and as a member of the National Federation of High School Board of Directors. He recently initiated a National Football Summit, formed to promote the game of football. He currently resides in Georgetown, Texas with his wife Debbie. They have one daughter Deah and her husband James Twine and two granddaughters Reagan and Bristol.


Chris Doelle is founder and Managing Partner of Lone Star Gridiron, regarded by many as the statewide leader in news and information about Texas High School Football. For the past 18 years, under his guidance, LSG has prided itself in providing only positive stories about the greatest sport in the greatest state. Chris’ relationships with the UIL, THSCA and THSADA have grown because of the shared belief in the power and importance of this game and these coaches. From his days playing 2A Texas football, officiating, coaching, founding LSG and his numerous books, Chris has been on the frontlines of sharing these stories. In addition to his passion for this sport, he is Director of Fresh Media Works, a Central Texas-based marketing and publishing company


What Others are Saying About Rocket Man...

D.W. Rutledge is one of the most revered coaches and leaders in our great state. Part of that is because of the amazing success he had as a coach, but mostly it’s the result of who he is as a man and the impact he’s had on so many coaches, players and administrators. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me personally, going back to my first coaching job at Texas Lutheran. D.W. welcomed me to this state with open arms, helped me when he hardly knew me and continues to be a great mentor, confidant and dear friend.”

Coach Tom Herman
Head Football Coach
University of Texas at Austin

Joe MartinTexas High School Football plays a major role within our state’s culture. The passion and drive for excellence for this game runs deep within each community. No state has more legendary football coaches than Texas.

Rocket Man captures the story of one of the greatest coaches in this state’s rich history. This story of D.W. Rutledge is not just about winning state championships at Judson HS. It captures his commitment to “Coaching Beyond the Game.” His legacy is played out by the way he changed the lives of athletes he coached, and his leadership of the Texas High School Coaches Association.

Joe Martin
Executive Director
Texas High School Coaches Association

Significant to head football coaches and their staff’s during the 1980’s and 1990’s was where to go to gather and learn more about football other than the regularly scheduled clinics throughout the state of Texas. Football coaches were always looking to visit other schools and programs in order to be exposed to other concepts, schemes, philosophy and training methods. There were several highly regarded programs that coaches from all over the state of Texas might put on their off-season visits but the one program that I knew of that most everyone put on their schedule was the annual pilgrimage to Judson High School to watch the Judson Rocket off-season program along with the normal Offense/Defense/Special Team sessions.”

Rusty Dowling
Executive Director
Texas High School Athletic Directors Association


D.W. Rutledge is a true legend in all aspects. From his historic coaching career at Judson to his dedication to improve the coaching profession as Executive Director of THSCA, he has become one the most significant sport leaders in the state of Texas. Rocket Man serves as a fitting tribute to D.W. and will give readers an inside look at the beliefs and values that are essential to foundational and sustaining leadership. D.W., throughout his career, aligned his intentions with his impact, and for those of us who have served in the athletic community we are forever grateful for his influence.”

Dr. Susan Elza
Director of Athletics
University Interscholastic League