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Carl Padilla’s Class 1A – Division II Realignment Early Look

Here is an early look at what Carl Padilla thinks will happen in the upcoming Class 1A DII UIL Re-Alignment.

2012 1A, D-II Region I Re-Alignment

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4
Booker Bovina Smyer Crosbyton
Gruver Claude Springlake-Earth Hamlin
Shamrock Farwell Morton Ralls
Wellington Vega Sudan Roby
Wheeler White Deer Plains Roscoe

2012 1A, D-II Region II Re-Alignment

District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8
Iraan Bronte Electra Albany
Irion County Christoval Era Baird
McCamey Eldorado Muenster Cross Plains
Van Horn Miles Munday Gorman
Wink San Angelo TLC Petrolia Perrin-Whitt

2012 1A, D-II Region III Re-Alignment

District 9 District 10 District 11 District 12
Dawson Cumby Bartlett Burton
Frost Detroit Bremond Louise
Hubbard Maud Chilton Milano
Meridian Mount Enterprise Granger Snook
Wortham Union Hill Lovelady Somerville

2012 1A, D-II Region IV Re-Alignment

District 13 District 14 District 15 District 16
Evadale Leakey Charlotte Agua Dulce
Burkeville Nueces Canyon D'Hanis Benavides
High Island* Medina Falls City Bruni
Overton Menard La Pryor Pettus
Sabine Pass Rocksprings Sabinal Runge
Tenaha Woodsboro
* May opt to 6 man


2012 Padilla Poll 1A, D-II Re-Alignment Schools

Overton 150 Bartlett 124
Wellington 150 Tenaha 124
Christoval 149 Bovina 123
Eldorado 149 Cumby 123
Meridian 149 Perrin-Whitt 123
Farwell 147 Sabine Pass 116
San Angelo TLC 147 Vega 116
Woodsboro 147 Mount Enterprise 115
Wortham 147 Claude 114
Louise 146.5 Ranger 114
Maud 146 Wheeler 114
Sabinal 146 Bruni 113
Charlotte 144 Falls City 113
Normangee 144 Iraan 110
Sudan 144 Agua Dulce 109
Chilton 143 Crosbyton 107
Albany 142.5 White Deer 107
Granger 142 Burton 106
Hamlin 142 Medina 106
Muenster 142 Munday 106
Pettus 142 Nueces Canyon 106
Somerville 142 Shamrock 105
Miles 141 Booker 104
McCamey 139 Smyer 103
Lovelady 138 Wink 103
Ralls 137 Springlake-Earth 101
Van Horn 135 Morton 100
Detroit 134 Runge 100
La Pryor 134 Roscoe 97
Evadale 133 Union Hill 97
Petrolia 133 Bronte 96
Dawson 132 Menard 93.5
Milano 132 Baird 93
Electra 131 Burkeville 93
Plains 131 Cross Plains 92.5
Snook 131 Frost 91
Hubbard 129 D'Hanis 87
Seagraves 129 Roby 81
Irion County 127 Gorman 80
Era 126 High Island* 79
Benavides 125 Leakey 78
Bremond 125 Rocksprings 76
Gruver 125 * May opt to 6 man

Mike Says:

I like District 1 with Booker led by young gunslinger Hunter Lile and Wellington coming over from District 2.   District 8 will be fun with runner up Munday (only 106 students) and Muenster (down from DI...dropping from 152 to 142 students).   Albany would be another player in Region II.  They dropped a lot going from 194 students to 142.5.    District 11 will be tough with Bremond, Chilton and Normangee.  Defending champion Tenaha moves from Region III to Region IV.   I like how Carl has eliminated the 4 team districts.  There were 4 of them the last time around.

Chris Says:

If things shake out like Carl predicts with the UIL realignment, there are going to be a lot of fireworks in Region I and Region II.  We are talking some really quality programs fighting it out for a trip to the State Championship game.  The teams remaining in Region III have to like Tenaha moving over to Region IV.  Overall, the top teams will still be in contention, but playoff matchup after the first couple of rounds will create some new battles we haven't got to see that early before.


Don't forget about the LIVE UIL Realignment Chat as they new districts are announced. Come participate on February 2nd at 9:00am. Post your comments here or call the voicemail line 713-568-6361 to tell the state what you think about the proposed realignment.

What are your thoughts?