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Welcome to Texas Football. . . We here at Lonestar Gridiron are the FIRST and ONLY high school sports podcast in the Lone Star State and the cutting edge for delivering your marketing message to fans of Friday night’s biggest drama.

If the state of Texas and the millions of high school football fans are your market, we encourage you to contact Lonestar Gridiron.com to see how we can deliver your message with the precision of one our star QBs and the power of Texas’ legendary running backs.

Who are your hosts?
Chris Doelle "C-Dogg"
During the early 80's, Chris played his high school football, as a receiver and defensive back, in Vanderbilt, Texas for the Industrial Cobras. He developed a love for the game playing alongside co-host and good friend, Mike Wright.

Chris has been a sportswriter for over 20 years. During its first decade, he covered the Arena Football League as a regular writer for ArenaFan magazine. For many seasons, he has covered high school football in the Fort Bend area for the Herald-Coaster newspaper in Richmond as well as doing stadium announcer duties for several high schools in the Houston area.

One of the Houston areas first and longest-running bloggers - Chris is a prodigious writer who has spoken to colleges, business groups and the Houston Chronicle on the subject of blogging and podcasting. He maintains a personal blog - Riding with the window down...

Mike Wright
Mike also created his high school gridiron memories playing for the Industrial Cobras. He left high school behind - but not his love for the gridiron, becoming an official SuperFan of football. He officiated at the high school and junior high level throughout Texas, on and off, during the past 20 years and has coached Little League Pop Warner football as well as various other leagues.

Whether he is in his own stomping grounds in the Houston area, way up north the panhandle, or down in the valley, he never misses the Friday Night Lights of high school football.

Sponsorship Packages
Single Show Sponsorship
ONLY $100

12-Week Sponsorship Package
(12 shows - receive a 10% discount!) $1,080

1-Year Sponsorship Package
(52 shows - receive a 25% discount!) $3,900

What is included in a Lone Star Gridiron Sponsorship?

In-show advertising
Lone Star Gridiron listeners – your customers – will hear your sponsorship at the beginning of the show. Advertisements are done NPR-style, where we talk personally about your products and services. This adds trustworthiness to your message, and doesn’t take the listener out of the show with a faceless recorded advertisement. We limit the number of sponsors at any given time to two. This also helps ensure that your message won’t be skipped due to long commercial breaks. The in-show advertisement will include your company name, your product or service, specifics on some of the advantages of your product or service, and your web address where people can reach you.

Website advertising
In addition to the in-show advertising, a banner ad will be placed on the Lone Star Gridiron website, on the front page for the duration of your sponsorship. We receive thousands of unique visitors. The ad must be no more than 150 pixels wide, but can be up to 200 pixels tall, and can include animation. The banner ad will be linked to your website as well, and provide an additional method for your customers to reach you.

Show notes advertising
A third placement for your advertising will be in the show notes for any episodes that you sponsor. This allows users with an RSS reader (or a podcast client) to see your ad if they don’t happen to visit the website. The format for this advertisement is a written ad, with a link to your website.

Other methods of promotion
In addition to the placement mentioned above, Lone Star Gridiron will also be glad to use promotions and giveaways to help spread your message. We can develop contests and promotions to give away your products and services as prizes, or we can give listeners a coupon code, which they can use to get a discount on your product or service. This is an excellent method for tracking ROI.

Score your touchdown by contacting us on the web at www.lonestargridiron.com or by phone at 713-269-4620.

But WAIT - there's more! What would sports be without naming rights? That's right! You can purchase the naming rights to the show for a measly $25,000 per year. So if you want to make this the Coca-Cola Lone Star Gridiron Podcast, the 3COM Lone Star Gridiron Podcast or even Dave Smith's Lone Star Gridiron Podcast, you can do it! Just give us a call to discuss any of your advertising/branding needs/


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