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Most Valuable Player
Eric Ward, WR, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider

Offensive Player of the Year
James Franklin, QB, Jr., Lake Dallas

Defensive Player of the Year
James Chambers, LB, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider

Special Teams Player of the Year
Joey Neale, K/P, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
Phillip Benning, KR, Sr., The Colony

Newcomer of the Year
Scotty Young, QB, Jr., Denton Ryan

Coaching Staff of the Year
Wichita Falls Rider



Quarterback — Bryce Perkins, Sr., The Colony
Running backs — Tony Peoples, Sr., The Colony;
                 Jay Catlin, Sr., Denton Ryan
Receivers — Joey Knight, Sr., Lake Dallas
            Bud Sasser, Sr., Denton Ryan
            D.J. Beshears, Sr., Denton Ryan
            Antwone Moore, Sr., Wichita Falls
Tight end — Ethan Leichinger, Sr., The Colony
Offensive line — Corey Howard, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
                 Blake Holland, Sr., Denton Ryan
                 Jesse Coffey, Sr., Denton Guyer
                 Greg Hall, Sr., Denton Guyer
                 Josh Burkham, Jr., The Colony
                 Daryl Williams, Jr., Lake Dallas
Kicker — Michael Murray, Sr., Lake Dallas

Defensive linemen — Zach Shaver, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
                    Taylor Bible, Jr., Denton Guyer
                    Spencer Blackmon, Sr., The Colony
                    Spencer Wilson, Sr., Denton Guyer
                    Tyler Tackett, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
                    Garrett Talburt, Sr., Denton Guyer
                    Josh Tauaefa, Jr., Lake Dallas
Linebackers — Mason Deerinwater, Jr., Wichita Falls Rider
              Drew Hamilton, Jr., Lake Dallas
              Blake Terry, So. Denton Guyer
              Victor Williams, Sr., The Colony
Defensive backs — Jurell Thompson, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
                  Paul Mason, Jr., Wichita Falls Rider
                  Yahshua Williams, Sr., Denton Ryan
                  Cam Smith, Sr., Lake Dallas
                  Josh Stewart, So., Denton Guyer
                  Phillip Benning, Sr., The Colony
Punter — Michael Murray, Sr., Lake Dallas


Quarterbacks — Malcolm Carter, So., Wichita Falls Rider
               Ben Henderson, Sr., Wichita Falls
Running backs — Jurell Thompson, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
                Jaimaime Wilhite, Jr., Denton Guyer
Receivers — Marcus Drayton, Sr., Lake Dallas
            Luke Russell, Jr., Denton Guyer
            Fred Fowler, Sr., The Colony
            Billy McCarty, Jr., Denton
Tight ends — Cole Underwood, Jr., Denton Guyer
             Jake Baine, Jr., Lake Dallas
Offensive lineman — Kyle Clark, Sr., Denton Guyer
                    Carlon Moisant, Jr., Wichita Falls Rider
                    Dillon Deford, Sr., Wichita Falls Rider
                    Garrett Gramling, Jr., Denton Ryan
                    Bryan Keith, Sr., Wichita Falls
Kicker — Sam Alspach, Sr., Denton Guyer

Defensive lineman — Patrick Alonzo, So., Lake Dallas
                    Josh Morrison, Jr., The Colony
                    Mark Strange, Jr., Wichita Falls Rider
                    Darius Anderson, Sr., Wichita Falls
                    Robert Satterfield, Jr., Denton Guyer
                    Clifton Murphy, Jr., Little Elm
                    Ethan Leichinger, Sr., The Colony
Linebackers — Peyton Whitlock, Sr., Denton Ryan
              Ravion Ingram, Jr., Denton Guyer
              David Stockard, Sr., Lake Dallas
              Chris Pegram, Sr., Denton
Defensive backs — Antonio Burton, Jr., Denton Guyer
                  Daniel Castro, Jr., Denton
                  Caleb Cade, Jr., Lake Dallas
                  Austin Chatman, So., The Colony
Punters — Alex Akrawi, Sr., The Colony
          Billy McCarty, Jr., Denton