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7 on 7 — Manvel Division I SQT Scores

SQT was played on 05/29/10

Manvel was the host of this SQT. This was a very well run SQT. The coaches did an outstanding job keeping everyone up to date on the scores.

Pool A: Pearland Dawson, Houston Chavez, Friendswood, Clear Springs

Friendswood got the key wins over Dawson and Springs before falling to Chavez in the 3rd game. They tied with Springs with 2-1 records which came down to their head to head meeting.

Pearland Dawson 46, Houston Chavez 32
Friendswood 25, Clear Springs 20

Friendswood 35, Pearland Dawson 28
Clear Springs 34, Houston Chavez 32

Clear Springs 32, Pearland Dawson 26
Houston Chavez 32, Friendswood 28

Friendswood (2-1), Clear Springs (2-1), Pearland Dawson (1-2), Houston Chavez (1-2)

Friendswood Advances

Pool B: Houston Lamar, Fort Bend Elkins, Clear Creek, Pasadena Memorial

Houston Lamar won this pool but could not advance since they have already qualified for state and are now an impressive 8-0 in SQT play. The key game was between Fort Bend Elkins and Pasadena Memorial which Elkins won by 10.

Houston Lamar 28, Fort Bend Elkins 27
Pasadena Memorial 27, Clear Creek 21

Houston Lamar 25, Clear Creek 12
Fort Bend Elkins 38, Pasadena Memorial 28

Houston Lamar 46, Pasadena Memorial 34
Fort Bend Elkins 33, Clear Creek 13

Houston Lamar (3-0), Fort Bend Elkins (2-1), Pasadena Memorial (1-2), Clear Creek (0-3)

Fort Bend Elkins Advances

Pool C: Manvel, Willis, Channelview, Texas City

The host team Manvel was unbeaten in this pool with a key 9 point victory over Willis.

Manvel 27, Willis 18
Texas City 39, Channelview 34

Manvel 28, Channelview 22
Willis 47, Texas City 22

Manvel 46, Texas City 13
Willis 42, Channelview 27

Manvel (3-0), Willis (2-1), Texas City (1-2), Channelview (0-3)

Manvel Advances

Pool D: Alvin, Alief Elsik, Montgomery, Houston Worthing

Montgomery won this pool easily and have now gone 3-0 in pool play in back to back weeks.

Alief Elsik 27, Alvin 20
Montgomery 40, Houston Worthing 20

Montgomery 32, Alvin 12
Alief Elsik 38, Houston Worthing 19

Houston Worthing 27, Alvin 20
Montgomery 35, Alief Elsik 21

Montgomery (3-0), Alief Elsik (2-1), Houston Worthing (1-2), Alvin (0-3)

Montgomery Advances

Both of these games were close. At halftime Friendswood led Fort Bend Elkins 20-13 while Montgomery led Manvel 27-22. In the 2nd half it was Friendswood and Manvel who pulled away for victories and a trip to the state championships. There was a little bit of controversy in the Manvel/Montgomery game with just about 5 minutes left. Manvel was leading 36-35 and there was an injury in the Friendswood/Elkins game but it took maybe 5 seconds from the time the official was getting the coach with the horns attention and when he blew the horn. At that moment (it was close to the horn) Manvel was able to run a play and score a TD and took an 8 point lead.

Friendswood 40, Fort Bend Elkins 27
Manvel 43, Montgomery 35

Consolation Game:
Fort Bend Elkins held a 1 point 20-19 lead over Montgomery at half time but scored twice in the 2nd half while shutting out the Bears to win 35-19.

Manvel scored minutes into the game with an INT returned for a TD and they just built on that. They led 26-6 at half over Friendswood and eventually went on to a 46-25 victory to win their SQT.

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