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7 on 7 — Rosenberg Terry Division I SQT Scores

SQT was played on 06/05/10

Rosenberg Terry was the host of this SQT. Once again, they did a great job at keeping everyone updated on the scores and ran an awesome overall tournament.

Note: I normally am not very critical of the officials having been one myself but I have to call one of them out. The lesson to learn here is to just let them play the game. Its sad when you start keeping track of penalties instead of the score. There was an official who worked the Cypress Falls/Alief Taylor and then the Consolation game. It the first half of the semifinal game he called 7 penalties. The other four officials in both games called a total of one penalty and it was an obvious one. He didnt get better in the second half either. He started the second half with penalties on each of the first two plays. He ended up with 11 penalties against 2 penalties for the other four officials. Not only did he call way too many penalties, he was showing up the other officials. He called off a TD even though the other officials said it was a score. He called two pass interference penalties when he was 20+ and 30+ yards away and there was another official right on top of the play who did not call anything. In the consolation game, he continued his ways calling 10 penalties to the other four officials 2 penalties. For those keeping score it is 21 penalties in two games by one official while the other four officials only called 4 total (1 each).

Pool A: Fort Bend Austin, Klein Collins, Rosenberg Terry, Texas City

Klein Collins had already qualified for state and I am not sure they brought their A game. The key game was between Terry and Austin. Terry was up by 1 point with time running out. Austin had the ball at the 45 and missed on a long pass. They barely got the ball off for one more play and hooked up for a 45 yard TD pass as the horn sounded.

Fort Bend Austin 33, Klein Collins 14
Rosenberg Terry 31, Texas City 14

Fort Bend Austin 25, Rosenberg Terry 20
Klein Collins 14, Texas City 7

Texas City 41, Fort Bend Austin 21
Rosenberg Terry 39, Klein Collins 14

Fort Bend Austin (2-1), Rosenberg Terry (2-1), Klein Collins (1-2), Texas City (1-2)

Fort Bend Austin Advances due to winning the head to head game vs. Rosenberg Terry

Pool B: Pearland, Katy Cinco Ranch, Fort Bend Hightower, Strake Jesuit

Pearland was a late replacement for Houston Chavez who had already qualified for the state tournament. Its a good thing for them too because they rolled through this pool winning by an average of 21 points.

Pearland 31, Katy Cinco Ranch 18
Fort Bend Hightower 28, Strake Jesuit 14

Pearland 49, Fort Bend Hightower 30
Katy Cinco Ranch 35, Strake Jesuit 26

Pearland 45, Strake Jesuit 14
Katy Cinco Ranch 28, Fort Bend Hightower 8

Pearland (3-0), Katy Cinco Ranch (2-1), Fort Bend Hightower (1-2), Strake Jesuit (0-3)

Pearland Advances

Pool C: Cypress Falls, Richmond Foster, Katy, Houston Memorial

Katy had won this SQT for the last three years but ran into a very tough Cypress Falls team. Cypress Falls won by an average of 30 points in SQT play.

Cypress Falls 44, Richmond Foster 28
Katy 26, Houston Memorial 20

Cypress Falls 50, Katy 19
Richmond Foster 30, Houston Memorial 14

Cypress Falls 56, Houston Memorial 13
Katy 42, Richmond Foster 24

Cypress Falls (3-0), Katy (2-1), Richmond Foster (1-2), Houston Memorial (0-3)

Cypress Falls Advances

Pool D: Alief Taylor, Fort Bend Clements, Cypress Creek, Houston Westside

Alief Taylor was very impressive in this pool winning by an average of 14 points.

Alief Taylor 27, Fort Bend Clements 12
Cypress Creek 26, Houston Westside 7

Alief Taylor 38, Cypress Creek 20
Houston Westside 32, Fort Bend Clements 20

Alief Taylor 28, Houston Westside 20
Fort Bend Clements 32, Cypress Creek 20

Alief Taylor (3-0), Cypress Creek (1-2), Houston Westside (1-2), Fort Bend Clements (1-2)

Alief Taylor Advances

Both of these games were no contest. At half Cypress Falls led Alief Taylor 34-12 while Pearland led Fort Bend Austin 27-12. Both Cypress Falls and Pearland are very impressive with lots of speed and great defense. Alief Taylor started to argue among themselves and the game got out of hand while Fort Bend Austin just looks very tired. The finals ended up with Cypress Falls winning 54-24 and Pearland winning 49-12.

Pearland and Cypress Falls Advance to the state championships in July

Fort Bend Austin again looks like a very tired team while Alief Taylor kept it together since they never trailed and went on to a 25-15 victory.

These two teams went at it. Long passes, great catches, this game had it all. At the end of the game, Pearland looked like they barely had enough players to finish. One player was in a shoulder sling and about every other play at the end someone was cramping up. (did I mention it was a little hot outside) The Oilers QB Trey Anderson was on target though and they extended their 7 point halftime lead to beat Cypress Falls 46-34. Both of these teams will represent well at College Station.

By: Michael Wright
Lone Star Gridiron

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