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El Paso 7-on-7 SQT Results

Here are the scores from the El Paso 7-on-7 Division I SQT

Pool A Pool B
Coronado 35-34 over Hanks OT Del Valle 49-13 over Fabens
Horizon 39-26 over Socorro El Dorado 31-12 over Eastwood
Hanks 47-28 over Horizon Del Valle 52-12 over Eastwood
Coronado 19-6 over Socorro El Dorado 27-19 over Fabens
Hanks 43-24 over Socorro El Dorado 45-27 over Del Valle
Coronado 33-19 over Horizon Eastwood 45-27 Over Fabens

Coronado 3-0 El Dorado 3-0
Hanks 2-1 Del Valle 2-1
Horizon 1-2 Eastwood 1-2
Socorro 0-3 Fabens 0-3
Coronado Winner of Pool A El Dorado Winner of Pool B

Pool C Pool D
Riverside 54-48 over Franklin Montwood 39-7 over Parkland
Chapin 46-7 over Mt. View Eastlake 41-19 over Bel Air
Franklin 70-6 over Mt. View Montwood 41-20 over Bel Air
Riverside 55-20 over Chapin Eastlake 49-13 over Parkland
Franklin 61-41 over Chapin Montwood 35-34 over Eastlake
Riverside 52-20 over Mt. View Parkland def. Bel Air OT

Riverside 3-0 Montwood 3-0
Franklin 2-1 Eastlake 2-1
Chapin 1-2 Parkland 1-2
Mt. View 0-3 Bel Air 0-3
Riverside Winner of Pool C Montwood Winner of Pool D

Coronado 27-26 over El Dorado
Riverside 47-35 over Montwood

Riverside 41-33 over Coronado
3rd Place Game
Montwood 33-26 over El Dorado

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