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Wimberley SQT 7 on 7 Pools

Texas high school football

Here are the pools for the Wimberley 7-on-7 SQT

Pool A:
Austin St. Andrews
Marion (Already Qualified for state)
Wimberley (Already Qualified for state)

Pool B:
Bandera (Already Qualified for state)
Cameron Yoe

All games will be played at Wimberley Texan Stadium. The first team listed will be the home team and wear white. The first game of each pair listed will be played at the north end of the stadium.

Pool A
Game 1 8:00 am
Austin St Andrews - Marion
Somerset - Wimberley

Pool B
Game 1 9:00 am
Bandera - Cameron Yoe
Fredericksburg - Gonzales

Pool A
Game 2 10:00 am
Austin St. Andrews - Somerset
Wimberley - Marion

Pool B Game 2
11:00 am
Bandera - Fredericksburg
Gonzales - Cameron Yoe

Pool A Game 3 Noon
Wimberley - Austin St. Andrews
Marion - Somerset

Pool B Game 3
1:00 pm
Gonzales - Bandera
Cameron Yoe - Bandera

Semi finals 2:30 pm
Pool A (winner)- Pool B (runner-up)
Pool B (winner) - Pool A (runner-up)

Championship and 3rd place games 3:30 pm

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