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Here is how LSG predicts the 2011 season will end.

Division I: Alvarado will not make it past Henderson again this year in the semifinals. In the other bracket West Columbia will be the Region III champion falling a little short of making the championship game for the first time since 1969. The championship game will be a rematch of last years Division I game where Henderson beat Tyler Chapel Hill 28-21. This year Tyler Chapel Hill gets the win.

Region I Champion: Alvarado Indians

Region II Champion: Henderson Lions

Region III Champion: Tyler Chapel Hill Bulldogs

Region IV Champion: West Columbia Roughnecks

Championship: Tyler Chapel Hill Bulldogs win over Henderson Lions

Division II: Snyder will make a strong run for their first ever championship game. They will come up a little short to Argyle who will play in the second. On the other side, Wimberley will deny Coldspring-Oakhurst their third chance at a title. In the championship game, Wimberley will get their second ever championship after winning one in 2005 over Gainesville.

Region I Champion: Snyder Tigers

Region II Champion: Argyle Eagles

Region III Champion: Coldspring-Oakhurst Trojans

Region IV Champion: Wimberley Texans

Championship: Wimberley Texans win over Argyle Eagles

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By: Michael Wright & Chris Doelle
Lone Star Gridiron


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