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UIL 2012 – 2014 Reclassification and Realignment Information

The submission of enrollment figures for the upcoming Reclassification and Realignment will take place on October 13, 2011. Schools are to submit enrollment figures based on enrollment for October 13, 2011.

The release date for the 2012-14 Reclassification and Realignment is February 2, 2012.

Superintendents of school districts will be submitting enrollment figures and other reclassification information electronically.

For electronic submission of Reclassification and Realignment information, each superintendent will be provided a user name and a password to log into the online system.

Each superintendent will receive an email from the UIL during the first week of October with more specifics about this process and how to submit information for the schools in their school district.

No information may be entered into the online enrollment system until October 13, 2011.

Please feel free to contact the UIL Athletic Director’s office with any questions concerning the Reclassification and Realignment process.

Download the Reclassification and Realignment policies

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