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2011 2-5A All-District Teams

Coach of the Year — Brent Davis, San Angelo Central;

Offensive MVP — Logan Sawyer, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Defensive MVP — Phillip Sorrells, Sr., Amarillo High;

Newcomer of the Year — Daivon Poole, Soph., San Angelo Central



First Team OFFENSE

Tight End — Jacob Wise, Sr., Amarillo High;

Tackle — Casey Metcalf, Sr., Amarillo High; Hayden Vinson, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Guard — Ben Alexander, Sr., San Angelo Central; Trevor Lee, Jr., Lubbock Monterey; Hayden Brown, Sr., Amarillo High;

Center — Marcus Moreno, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Alex Fowler, Sr., Amarillo High;

QB — Tanner Maloney, Sr., Lubbock Monterey;

RB — Byron Parker, Jr., Lubbock Monterey; Brandon Hernandez, Jr., Lubbock High; Keanan Milligan, Sr., Amarillo High; Cole Sanchez, Jr., Amarillo High;

Receivers — Lamar Britton, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Ryan Sluder, Jr., Amarillo High; Cole Fielder, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Kicker — Davis Williamson, Soph., Lubbock Monterey; Mason Edmondson, Jr, Amarillo High; Matt Opincar, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Returners — Lamar Britton, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Darius Long, Sr., San Angelo Central




Second Team OFFENSE

Tight End — Austin Thurman, Jr., Amarillo High;

Tackle — Josh Duncan, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Reese Errington, Sr., Amarillo High;

Guard — Chris Flower, Sr., Lubbock Coronado; Kong Flores, Jr., Lubbock High; Blake Borger, Jr., Amarillo High;

Center — Zach Pfluger, Sr., San Angelo Central; Hunter Higgins, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa;

QB — Gabe Rodriguez, Jr., Amarillo High;

RB — Ashton Tillman, Sr., Amarillo High; Calvin Humphries, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Banner Owen, Sr., Lubbock Coronado;

Receivers — Payton Brooks, Jr., Amarillo Tascosa; Rileigh Davis, Sr., San Angelo Central; Bam Jackson, Jr., Lubbock High; Corey Lopez, Sr., San Angelo Central





First Team DEFENSE

Ends — Cody McCoy, Sr., Amarillo High; Ramario Napoles, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Linemen — Lance Sehr, Jr., Amarillo Tascosa; Mason Cheek, Sr., Amarillo High; Steerling Strickland, Sr., San Angelo Central; Jesse Martell, Sr., Lubbock Monterey;

Linebackers — Willie Brown, Sr., San Angelo Central; Conner Nielsen, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Josh Lomeli, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Calvin Humphries, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Cole Merki, Sr., Amarillo High;

Backs — Ryan Sluder, Jr., Amarillo High; Stephan Fields, Sr., San Angelo Central; Lamar Britton, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Chase Moody, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Punter — Colson Craddick, Sr., Lubbock Monterey



Second Team DEFENSE

Ends — Ty Stryker, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Justin Esquivel, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Ra'Shondric Sheppard, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa;

Linemen — Zach Ruiz, Sr., Amarillo Tascosa; Tanner Crockett, Jr., Amarillo High; Jeremy Matschek, Sr., San Angelo Central;

Linebackers — Colton Gill, Sr., San Angelo Central; Colson Craddick, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Austyn Beasley, Soph., Amarillo Tascosa; Sean Bailey, Sr., San Angelo Central; Marcus Fitzhugh, Sr., Lubbock High;

Backs — Albert Servin, Sr., Lubbock Monterey; Payton Brooks, Jr., Amarillo Tascosa; Tavion Ritchie, Sr., San Angelo Central; Daniel Lopez, Jr., Lubbock Monterey; Brock James, Jr., Amarillo High; Greg Hewett, Jr., Lubbock Coronado;

Punter — Logan Sawyer, Sr., San Angelo Central


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