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2011 9-4A All-District Teams

First Team Offense

QB, Nick West, Frisco Wakeland, 12;
RB, Ben Cole, Frisco, 11;
RB, Spencer Cowley, Frisco Heritage, 12;
TE/FB, Austin Cravens, Frisco, 12;
TE/FB, Tre Straw, Frisco Heritage, 12;
WR, Tripp Abbott, Carrollton Newman Smith, 12;
WR, Turner Smiley, Frisco Wakeland, 11;
WR, Zach McCown, Frisco Centennial, 12;
WR, Stephen Buckner, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
WR, Dee Fields, Frisco, 12;
C, Nick Jefferies, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
C, Kyle Boren, Frisco, 12;
C, Dalton Soullas, Frisco Centennial, 12;
OG, Drew Percle, Frisco Liberty, 12;
OG, David Vazquez, Carrollton Newman Smith, 10;
OG, Parker Lambert, Frisco Centennial, 12;
OG, Zak Martin, Frisco, 12;
OT, Evan Weinzerl, Frisco Wakeland, 12;
OT, Phil Singleton, Frisco Centennial, 12;
OT, Tyler Lewis, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
OT, Sefrie Roybal, Frisco Liberty, 10;
Kicker, Kyle Fischer, Frisco, 12;


First Team Defense

DE, Tony Truong, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
DE, Shane Roberson, Frisco, 11;
DE, Elie Nabusoshi, Frisco Heritage, 12;
DE, Drew Percle, Frisco Liberty, 12;
DE, KJ Smith, Frisco Centennial, 11;
DL, Jay Woods, Frisco Wakeland, 12;
DL, Aaron Brown, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
DL, Andrew Allen, Frisco Liberty, 12;
DL, Jaquis Jones, Carrollton Newman Smith, 10;
ILB, Devin Maddox, Frisco Liberty, 11;
ILB, Corian Lee, Carrollton Newman Smith, 12;
ILB, Jordan Miller, Frisco Centennial, 11;
OLB, Nehemiah Davis, Carrollton Newman Smith, 12;
OLB, Josh Harris, Frisco Wakeland, 11;
OLB, Nick Bush, Frisco Centennial, 12;
OLB, Chris Weatherd, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
OLB, Kenneth Whitaker, Frisco Liberty, 12;
S, KJ Williams, Frisco Wakeland, 11;
S, Ian Neithercut, Frisco Centennial, 10;
S, Jordyn Peeler, Carrollton Creekview, 11;
CB, Lewis Hill, Frisco Liberty, 12;
CB, Turner Smiley, Frisco Wakeland, 11;
CB, Ranthony Texada, Frisco Centennial, 11;
Punter, John Unaman, Carrollton RL Turner, 12;
Punter, Kyle Fischer, Frisco, 12




Second Team Offense

QB, Eric Allen, Frisco, 12;
RB, Lakeylon Rice, Frisco Centennial, 12;
RB, Johnny Jones, Carrollton Creekview, 11;
TE/FB, Cole Cantrell, Frisco Centennial, 12;
TE/FB, Tyler Carver, Frisco Wakeland, 10;
WR, Brandon Guilford, Frisco Heritage, 12;
WR, Izaiah Robinson, Frisco Liberty, 12;
WR, Alex Kellum, Frisco Centennial, 12;
WR, Dan Harrington, Frisco Wakeland, 11;
WR, Jacob Atchley, Frisco Centennial, 11;
C, Diyon Stone, Frisco Heritage, 10;
C, Toye Adewon, Frisco Liberty, 12;
OG, Dalton Wilkes, Frisco Liberty, 11;
OG, Jason Verela, Frisco Wakeland, 12;
OG, Broderick Jenkins, Frisco Centennial, 11;
OG, Brent Caughron, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
OT, Scott Stearns, Frisco Heritage, 12;
OT, Matt Holmes, Frisco Centennial, 12;
OT, Adam Harding, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
OT, Preston Morgan, Frisco, 11;
Kicker, Grant Peltier, Carrollton Creekview, 12;


Second Team Defense

DE, Meekha Varghese 12, Carrollton Newman Smith, 12;
DE, Pete Tiano 11, Frisco Wakeland, 11;
DE, Alex Gilani 10, Frisco Liberty, 10;
DE, Camryn Cole 11, Carrollton Newman Smith, 11;
DL, Preston Gordon 10, Frisco Heritage, 10;
DL, Phillip Smith 11, Frisco Liberty, 11;
DL, Freddy Poritillo 12, Carrollton RL Turner, 12;
DL  Jake Hoffman 12, Frisco Wakeland, 12;
ILB, Carson Carew 12, Frisco Wakeland, 12;
ILB, Frankie Jesse 11, Frisco, 11;
ILB, Ramon Lee 11, Carrollton Newman Smith, 11;
OLB, Walter Miller 10, Frisco Heritage, 10;
OLB, Noah Westerfield 10, Frisco Wakeland, 10;
OLB, Ross Abraham 12, Frisco Centennial, 12;
OLB, Lincoln Williams 12, Frisco Liberty, 12;
S, John Unaman 12, Carrollton RL Turner, 12;
S, Nigel Barlis 12, Frisco Centennial, 12;
S, Miquan Robinson 12, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
S, Daylon Dial 11, Frisco Heritage, 11;
CB, Chester Lee 12, Frisco Heritage, 12;
CB, Ben Higgonbothem 10, Carrollton Newman Smith, 10;
CB, Jamar Taylor 12, Carrollton Creekview, 12;
Punter, Zach Paul 12, Frisco Wakeland, 12


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