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Carl Padilla’s Class 2A – Division II Realignment Early Look

Here is an early look at what Carl Padilla thinks will happen in the upcoming Class 2A DII UIL Realignment. Check out his predictions and make your comments below.

2012 2A, D-II Region I Re-Alignment

District 1 District 2 District 3 District 4
Amarillo Highland Park Abernathy Ballinger Alvord
Boys Ranch Coahoma Coleman Cisco
Canadian Colorado City Crane Henrietta
Olton Floydada Reagan County Holliday
Sanford-Fritch Hawley Sonora Jacksboro
Spearman Post Stanton Millsap
Tulia Nocona
Wichita Falls City View

2012 2A, D-II Region II Re-Alignment

District 5 District 6 District 7 District 8
Bells Blooming Grove Bruceville-Eddy Anderson-Shiro
Dallas Life Oak Cliff Crawford Buffalo Hearne
Gunter Frankston Centerville Jarrell
Leonard Hamilton Marlin Johnson City
S&S Consolidated Rice Moody Lexington
Tom Bean Rio Vista Riesel Rogers
Whitewright Tolar Rosebud-Lott

2012 2A, D-I Region III Re-Alignment

District 9 District 10 District 11 District 12
Alba-Golden Bogota Rivercrest Arp Corrigan-Camden
Como-Pickton Chisum Elysian Fields Deweyville
Edgewood Clarksville Linden-Kildare Garrison
Hawkins Cooper New Diana Groveton
Mildred De Kalb Union Grove Hemphill
Scurry-Rosser Hughes Springs Waskom
Winona Omaha Pewitt West Rusk
Ore City

2012 2A, D-I Region IV Re-Alignment

District 13 District 14 District 15 District 16
Boling Cotulla Bloomington Banquete
Danbury Dilley Karnes City Freer
East Bernard Natalia Nixon Smiley Hebbronville
Schulenberg Poth Refugio Kingsville Academy
Tidehaven Randolph Skidmore-Tynan Monte Alto
Van Vleck San Antonio Brooks Stockdale Riviera Kaufer
Wallis Brazos Taft

2012 Padilla Poll 2A, D-II Re-Alignment Schools

Colorado City 295 De Kalb 242
New Diana 294 San Antonio Brooks 242
Omaha Pewitt 293 Cooper 239
Randolph 293 Rio Vista 239
Gunter 292 Mildred 238
Winona 290 Union Grove 238
Elysian Fields 289.5 Wichita Falls City View 238
Hughes Springs 288 Hamilton 236
Rogers 288 Riviera Kaufer 236
Crane 286 Banquete 235
Henrietta 285 Waskom 234
Marlin 285 Coleman 233
Taft 283 Rosebud-Lott 231
Van Vleck 283 Stockdale 230
Lexington 282 Centerville 229
Edgewood 279 Amarillo Highland Park 228
Arp 278.5 Tolar 228
Hearne 278 Spearman 226
Corrigan-Camden 277 Whitewright 226
Hebbronville 277 Coahoma 225
Leonard 275 Bells 221
Ballinger 274 Hawley 221
Boling 274 Reagan County 219
East Bernard 274 Floydada 218
Dallas Life Oak Cliff 272 Ore City 218
Natalia 272 Kingsville Academy 217
Holliday 271 Stanton 216
Bruceville-Eddy 270 Boys Ranch 215
Karnes City 269 Como-Pickton 213
Hemphill 267 Post 212
Chisum 266 Schulenberg 212
Skidmore-Tynan 266 Bloomington 211
Alba-Golden 264 Danbury 211
S&S Consolidated 264 Clarksville 210
Scurry-Rosser 263 Crawford 210
Cotulla 262 Johnson City 210
Freer 262 Hawkins 209
Nixon Smiley 262 Sanford-Fritch 209
Jarrell 261.5 Abernathy 208
Buffalo 259 Frankston 206
Linden-Kildare 259 Olton 206
Tulia 258 Canadian 205
Blooming Grove 257 Moody 205
Jacksboro 256 Alvord 204
Millsap 256 Anderson-Shiro 204
Sonora 255 Bogota Rivercrest 204
Cisco 254 Groveton 204
Rice 253 Refugio 204
Poth 252 Riesel 204
West Rusk 250 Tidehaven 203
Nocona 249 Deweyville 201
Wallis Brazos 248 Garrison 201
Tom Bean 247 Monte Alto 200
Dilley 243

Mike Says:
Region I will feature Class 1A powerhouse Canadian moving in.  The last time the Wildcats were in 2A 4 years ago, they won a state championship.  District 4 will host a whopping 8 teams in the district.  Region II will host Lexington and Rogers who both move over from Region III.  District 10 is another one of those big 8 team districts.  Refugio remains in 2A just above the 199 1A cutoff with 204 students.

Chris Says:
Canadian is all that needs to be said.  At first you would think that moving up to 2A and being one of the smaller schools, they may not be a big factor.  I say that sheer number of students does not win championships - great programs and great athletes win championship.  Look at Refugio - one of the smallest teams in 2A and they absolutely DESTROYED people last season en route to a title.   That doesn't mean that we won't hear from the big boys of 2A DII, they will make folks take notice too. Overall, we are looking at a great class again this year!

Don't forget about the LIVE UIL Realignment Chat as they new districts are announced. Come participate on February 2nd at 9:00am. Post your comments here or call the voicemail line 713-568-6361 to tell the state what you think about the proposed realignment.


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