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Flower Mound Hires Dane Johnson

2012 Coaching Change: Flower Mound Jaguars

Old Head Coach: Cody Vanderford -- Reassigned to an athletic coordinator position within the school district. He coached the Jaguars to an overall 54-50 record since 2002.

New Head Coach: Dane Johnson -- From 3A Boerne where he led the Greyhounds to a 14-16 over the last 3 seasons. This was his first stint at being a head coach. Before that he was the defensive coordinator at Lewisville Hebron.

Team News: 2011's 3-7 record ended a 6 year winning streak for the Jaguars. The most wins they have had in a season since they began varsity play in 2000 is only 8 wins (8-3 in 2006).

Coaching changes for 2012.

By: Michael Wright
Lone Star Gridiron


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