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LSG to work with the Craig Bushon Show

Chris Doelle, found of Lone Star Gridiron, was a guest today on the Craig Bushon Show (1370 AM) as Craig teased about the upcoming relationship between the two new media companies.  Craig Bushon also teased about the upcoming CBTVOnline venture which will feature 24/7 coverage of a wide range of news and information.

The two talked about what a HUGE market Texas high school football is and how coverage of the sport has changed over the years.  Lone Star Gridiron has led the way by bringing a new media approach to a very traditional piece of what makes Texas so great - high school football.

No details have been released about how the two companies intend to work together, but it is clear they are planning some big things.

The entire show was broadcast live via traditional radio as well as video via UStream.

LSG is first mentioned about 8 minutes in and Chris joins Bushon around the 14 minute mark.

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