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Texas high school football coachingFan Feedback:
I was just wondering if coach Johansen of Melvin and Fredericksburg and Three Rivers didn't have enough wins to make the list. I remember that at one time he had the longest winning streak on record when he was at Melvin. I was also wondering about John Baskin Sr. who was at San Saba, Llano, and Round Rock? How about Coach Fowler at Lampasas and Coach Buckley at Killeen?

Coaching Wins — All-Time Leaders (Updated Through 2011)

LSG Response:
Thank You for e-mail. We only had coach Buckley on our all-time list. I have done some research on the others and have now added them.

Dale Johanson
Melvin 1952-1954 30 4 0
Fredericksburg 1957-1958 6 12 2
Three Rivers 1959-1970 88 36 5
Career Record: 124-52-7
Ranking #287

John Baskin Sr.
San Saba 1964-1973 54 47 2
Llano 1976-1983 48 31 1
Round Rock 1985-1986 5 14 0
Career Record: 107-92-3
Ranking #349

Sam Fowler
Lampasas 1946-1960 83 56 14
Career Record: 83-56-14
Ranking #414

Leo Buckley
Killeen 1936-1955,1964-1965 113 83 10
Career Record: 113-83-10
Ranking #324

by Michael Wright
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