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RRR: Recruiting Tips for Juniors

Juniors - Get Started Early

Texas high school football

  1. Take athletics out of the equation. Sit down with your parents and decide where you would like to go to college if you couldn’t play sports. Research those schools and apply to at least one.
  2. Identify yourself early to those colleges you are interested in. Write a letter to the head coach expressing interest in that program
  3. Make sure you have video tapes available for college coaches to evaluate. Highlight tapes are good for juniors, but not for seniors.
  4. Make sure you sign up with the NCAA Clearinghouse. Do this by the end of your junior year.
  5. Know your GPA and how it fits with the Clearinghouse’s Sliding Scale.
  6. Take an ACT or SAT test as a junior.
  7. Pay less attention to magazine and internet rankings, and more attention to skill development.
  8. Never have a bad game, you never know when someone will watch your tape.
  9. Making A’s and B’s in school maximize your options.
  10. Don't develop “personal baggage” with your off-the-field lifestyle.


by Randy Rodgers
Randy Rodgers Recruiting Randy Rodgers Recruiting

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