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Which Runner-up will Finish the Job?

Part two of our fan feedback poll posed the question "Which Runner-up is most likely to finish the job and win a state championship this season?"  As usual, there was no shortage of opinions.


Some interesting points:

  • None of the teams that lost a title game last season are seen as a big threat to take it all.
  • The polls show three of last year's state champions more likely to win it again than ALL of the runners-up.
  • Cibolo Steele who has been on the losing end of two straight state championship games is seen as the most likely to get a title win.
  • Half the teams are within a few percentage points of each other - not a lot of range since not many give much hope to a runner-up.
  • Motley County, the 6-Man Division II Runner-up is the only team that received no votes at all.



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