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What great teams missed the cut? LSG Teams of the Decade

LSG 2013 Texas High School Football Teams of the Decade
(Great teams that missed the cut!)

Texas High School Football Teams of the Decade

It is almost that time of year - time for us to unveil the 2013 Texas High School Football Teams of the Decade.  Each year, we rank the top teams in the state and unveil the Top 25 Teams of the Decade.

In order to get into the running, a team MUST have played in at least one state championship game within the previous ten seasons.  They don't have to win, just show up.

From there, Mike Wright and I take a look at statistics like regular season wins, playoff wins,  state championship appearances, wins, semi-finals, quarterfinals, Regionals, Bi-district... you name it.

Teams that fell out of the ranking altogether this year - Bandera, New Braunfels, Texarkana Texas, Midland Greenwood, Midland, Everman, Corrigan-Camden, Rosebud-Lott, Celeste

Each year we look at statistics from over 100 teams and some great ones and that means 75% of them DON'T make it into the Top 25.

Here are a few:

Munday Moguls - they have two state titles in the last decade and although they climbed 11 spots this season to #26, they just missed being in the Top 25

Alto Yellowjackets - they also have two state titles and climbed 16 spots from #56 to #40, but have one of the lowest playoff win percentage (69.7%) of the top 40 teams.

Smithson Valley Rangers - they dropped 15 spots and fell out of the Top 25 to #38 and they have the lowest playoff win percentage (68.9%) of the top 40 teams.  Their regular season wins are one of the best in the state over the last decade.

Galena Park North Shore Mustangs - only four teams in the state have a higher regular season win percentage (91.67%) in a stretch that included the all-time regular season consecutive win streak at 78.  We are talking nearly 8 full seasons without losing a regular season game.  The streak was ended when the Katy Tigers beat them 9-7.

Cisco Loboes - the hard-luck award has to go to Cisco who has been a runner-up three times.  (Losses to Refugio, Daingerfield & Mart)  They also had another title loss (2002 to Rosebud Lott) just roll off the charts because it was more than a decade ago.

It just goes to show how incredibly difficult it is to be counted among the Top 25 Texas High School Football Teams of the Decade.  These are just a few of the really good teams that missed the cut.

Be sure to keep watching as we will be unveiling the top teams very soon.

While you wait, give us some feedback.  Who do you think is going to be in that list?  Who do you think will be #1?

by Chris Doelle
Lone Star Gridiron

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