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Game of the Week – Allen Eagles @ Southlake Carroll Dragons

#1 5A Allen Eagles @ #8 5A Southlake Carroll Dragons

2013 Week 0 Texas High School Football Game Of The Week

Southlake Carroll leads this series 5-1 since 2003. All 5 of Carroll's wins have been in the playoffs

2012 Allen 24, Southlake Carroll 0
2009 Southlake Carroll 35, Allen 34 (Area Playoffs)
2006 Southlake Carroll 38, Allen 0 (Semifinals Playoffs)
2005 Southlake Carroll 45, Allen 15 (Area Playoffs)
2004 Southlake Carroll 52, Allen 14 (Area Playoffs)
2003 Southlake Carroll 37, Allen 21 (Semifinals Playoffs)

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  • Southlake Carroll DragonsMike Says: This was also a game of the week last year. The Eagles finally won a game over the Dragons after losing to them in 5 playoff games. We featured Allen 4 times last year in the Game Of The Week while the Dragons only got 1 chance in the big show. Allen went 3-1 while the Dragons lost to the Eagles. This years game features 2 very good JR quarterbacks in the Eagles JR QB Kyler Murray and the Dragons JR QB Ryan Agnew. Last year, Allen was opening up their multimillion dollar stadium. This year they have to go into the lair of the dragon. Like I said in the Eagle Team Preview.....They may stumble in one of those games but only 1 and that will be it for the year. I voted the Eagles #1 and I do believe they will win the state championship but they will fall in this game. The DRAGONS win it 35-28!!
  • AllenChris Says:  Talk about a BIG GAME!  It was giant last year and it will be even bigger this year.  Last season, I thought it would be a close game and was shocked.  Southlake Carroll will NOT be blanked this time - you can count on that.   Now, I still think Allen is a much better team, but the Dragons will not be shutout.  It comes down to who has more experience from between those two starting lineups and that edge has to go to Allen.  The EAGLES win this one 21-14!!!
  • AllenLSG Intern Zach Says: With Carroll playing at home, this game has major upset potential. The Dragons have a lot of pride, and you they are still thinking about last season’s 24-0 shutout. My only problem is their quarterback, Ryan Agnew, is making his first start in his team’s toughest game of the year. It also doesn’t help that he is going against the Eagles’ Kyler Murray, one of the sharpest quarterbacks in the state. If this game were played in October I could give the nod to the Dragons, but I don’t see Agnew outplaying Murray in his debut. Allen 30-27.

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