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Five BIG Things: 9/23/13 by Chris Doelle

chris doelle's Five Big Things in Texas High School FootballFive BIG Things in Texas High School Football


Its that time again... time for my Five BIG Things! These are the things that stood out for me recently as it relates to Texas high school football. As usual, they are not listed in order of importance - just as they come to me.

1. And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down! - Those of you who grew up with Winnie the Pooh will recognize that reference, but it was actually the story of rains across the state this weekend that canceled and rescheduled a host of games.  I haven't seen this many games canceled since Hurricane Ike cost half the season for some of the Houston area teams.

A lot of the games in the Houston area this weekend were just rescheduled and played the following day.  There were also a bunch of games that were canceled altogether.

Football purists are probably wondering what the big deal was - some of our most memorable games were in the rain.  What football player doesn't love a good old fashioned mud bowl? Could it be the new turf?  These fields just don't get muddy anymore - they just get slippery.

The big reason most of these games were not played though was lightning.  It cost us a lot of great football around the state but better safe than sorry when it comes to lightning.

2. Elgin "shocks?" – I am amazed by how many people called the 37-0 win over Georgetown a "shocker" an "upset" or a "surprise."  Where were these people when we rolled out our Georgetown 2013 Team Preview?  Did they miss the fact that Mike picked them 3rd in their district and I said "They will NOT run the table in district."

Elgin on the other hand is a team on the way up.  This was one of our Games of the Week and you can clearly see in the writeups that we weren't at all surprised by this one.  We had Elgin going to the Semifinals in our LSG 2013 Class 4A Pre-Season Championship Picks.  The Simmons brothers (Da'Trean Simmons & Te'Rel Simmons) were just way too much for Georgetown and if you had any doubt they are "for real," then this game should have convinced you.

3. What is happening with Westlake? – We picked Austin Westlake as our Class 5A Division II champs in the preseason and the way they are playing right now, it looks like we got this one waaay wrong.  Hey, we are not afraid to call it out when we miss one.

But, are the Chaps dead?  Well, they just barely started district play and you certainly have to believe they are battle-tested from their pre-district games.  I don't think you can say they are dead yet, but they better get things rolling fast if Austin Westlake is going to make serious title run.

Austin Westlake will probably do well throughout the rest of the regular season, but their playoff opponents will now have tape on what it takes to beat the Chaps and that will spell trouble for reaching the title.

4. A look ahead - There are some great matchups this week.  Sure, there are great matchup every week, but there is something about this weeks lineup that has me pumped.

  • #24 4A Crosby Cougars (4-0) @ #2 4A Humble Summer Creek Bulldogs (3-0) This one excites me to no end.  Crosby is putting up basketball numbers week in and week out and Summer Creek is rolling through competition as well.  These are two programs that don't get a lot of press so I'm really looking forward to them taking a little of the limelight.  This WILL be a Game of the Week!
  • #3 Class 3A Carthage Bulldogs (4-0) @ #1 Class 4A Whitehouse Wildcats (4-0) - This is a classic matchup of two excellent quarterbacks.  Whitehouse QB Patrick Mahomes has been making us look like geniuses for picking them to go so far this year and Carthage QB Blake Bogenschutz is a walking highlight show as well.  This is another Game of the Week
  • #3 1A DI Stamford Bulldogs (4-0) @ #1 2A DII Cisco Loboes (4-0) - Do you ever get tired of seeing teams like Stamford and Cisco knock heads?  Me neither.
 There are some great games and these are just a fraction of the fun we will see this weekend.

5. Introducing a friend to Texas high school football! - It seems that every other year or so, I am approached by a friend from out of state asking, "so WHAT is the big deal about Texas high school football?"  Every time, after an impassioned plea about how this is "the greatest sport in the greatest state," I convince them to go to a game with me.

I get that opportunity again this week as a friend (Joe) from "the East Coast" has asked if I will take him to his first Texas high school football game.  He is in the Austin area so you tell me - what game do you think will be the best one in the area to break him in with?  I want to hear your feedback.  Leave a comment here or call the voicemail line 713-568-6361 and let me know what game you think will be the best one for Joe to see - and why.

Look for the story of his experience next week as we convert one more soul to that thing we all love - Texas high school football!!

Chris Doelle
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