Five BIG Things: 9/3/13 by Chris Doelle

chris doelle's Five Big Things in Texas High School FootballFive BIG Things in Texas High School Football


Its that time again... time for my Five BIG Things! These are the things that stood out for me recently as it relates to Texas high school football.  As usual, they are not listed in order of importance - just as they come to me.

1. Air Attack! - Mike pointed it out nearly a month ago that there are some serious threats to some all-time passing records this season.  Travis Quintanilla and Hunter Like continue to threaten the records but what stood out to me this week was not the quarterbacks but the receivers.  In Week Zero there were 10 receivers who caught for OVER 200 yards in the first game!  As a former receiver, I just love when you see the fireworks through the air.  El Paso Franklin's Aaron Smith (234 yards) edged Allen's Cole Carter (233 yards) by a single yard to take the lead for the season.   Look for the trend of airing it out to continue.

2. A&M Consolidated Goes Viral – I wouldn't put it in the same category as Tyler John Tyler/Plano East game from 1994 (below), but A&M Consolidated's return of a Copperas Cove squib kick not only caught our attention enough for us to post it here, it absolutely lit up the internet.  For the record, it was a blast to see - but my favorite is still this one:

3. Richland Springs loses!– The Richland Springs Coyotes football team was beaten 76-52 in Friday's game against the visiting May Tigers.  It is the first loss for the Coyotes in 46 games!  We are not talking about just regular season games, we are talking about all games.  Three straight 15-0 seasons and three straight state championship wins.  Prior to that loss in 2009, Richland Springs won 11 games in a row.  The loss ended the longest current winning state in Texas high school football.

4. Randy Rodgers rocking the media world - Due to the great response from last season's show here on Lone Star Gridiron, the Rodgers on Recruiting Show is stepping up to the next level this year.  The show has expanded from a 1/2 hour to a full hour and is still available exclusively on LSG.  It will include 1) a recap of the top performances of the week, 2) some information on what kids looking to get recruited should know , 3) the Film Study segment where Randy breaks down me of the top athletes and 4) Rodgers on the Road which lists where Randy is traveling to analyze Texas high school football players.  We are so pleased to have Randy Rodgers (and Alex Borrell) as part of the Lone Star Gridiron staff.  Look for this show to be one of the must-listen sources for news this year.

5. Six-man getting a lot of buzz - Natalie Newton's article "Rookie Head Coach takes over six-man team" was a smash hit.  I mean, I knew it was a good story.  I knew it was well written.  What I didn't know was how much attention the story would get.  The hits were through the roof (and still are.)  It has been a couple years since I saw a six-man game and I had an absolute blast!  I think I may have to catch one or two more this season - the rosters may be small, but the passion is BIGGER THAN TEXAS!!

What do you think?  Was there a bigger story recently in Texas high school football?  Leave a comment here or call the voicemail line 713-568-6361 and let everyone know your BIG THING!

Chris Doelle
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