Five BIG Things: 9/9/13 by Chris Doelle

chris doelle's Five Big Things in Texas High School FootballFive BIG Things in Texas High School Football


Its that time again... time for my Five BIG Things! These are the things that stood out for me recently as it relates to Texas high school football. As usual, they are not listed in order of importance - just as they come to me.

1. I owe Katy an apology! - In our 2013 Katy Tigers Team Preview I said, "they won't win their games by 40 points," as I suggested this was a year that would be slight dropoff.  I can admit when I'm wrong.  They have outscored opponents 90-3!  Granted, they are not running up against the top teams in the state right now, but it doesn't look like anyone can stop Rodney Anderson on offense and the Tigers' defense is downright scary.  The Katy Tigers are once again on a roll, and it doesn't appear anyone in the Houston area is capable of hanging with them.

2. Several people owe me an apology! – When I started saying, "Texas City is BACK!," at first it fell on a lot of deaf ears.  I was told, "yeah, they'll be good - but not "old school Texas City" good."  Texas City dismantled La Marque 56-35 and it was actually more lopsided than the score suggests.  The 56 points is also the most they have ever scored in this hotly contested rivalry, "The Battle by the Bay." In Week Zero, the Stingarees rolled Dickinson 48-0 too, so their offense is definitely BACK!

3. Devin O'Sullivan represents for the kickers!– It is rare that the media talks about a kicker.  There are much flashier positions.  There are much more action packed plays.  But kickers silently lead their teams in points scored, often just 1 tiny point at t time,  and nobody has done that better than Corsican Mildred's Devin O'Sullivan.   I'm sure he would have preferred to win the game against Center over breaking the record, but break it he did.  Devin has now kicked more extra points than any other player in the history of Texas high school football.  His 229 is the new gold standard for kickers and at his current pace, O'Sullivan is expected to crack 300 before his high school career ends.

4. Whitehouse making believers  - We were the only media outlet showing any love to Whitehouse in the preseason and they are making believers out of the whole state now.  Quarterback, Patrick Mahomes is living up to the promise that Texas Tech sees in him and the whole team is firing on all cylinders.  Their victory this week over Tyler Chapel Hill has been the turning point that has resulted in people beginning to perk up their ears when Whitehouse is mentioned.  Look for the buzz to continue as they match up against the top teams in Class 4A.

5. The "little" games are the BIG games! - I know, sounds weird right?  It's true though.  If you want to understand Texas high school football and really understand what makes it "the greatest sport in the greatest state," (TM) you have to check out the games that don't seem to mean anything.

Everyone perks up when Southlake Carroll takes on Allen.  They all take notice when Katy plays Galena Park North Shore.  What about Luling vs Blanco?  What about Yorktown @ Runge?  These are BIG games!  These are programs that may be on a temporary upswing or may just be plodding along having another average season.  These are games where no scouts are present.  There is no media at all.

There are rabid fans cheering on their teammates.  There are parents watching and cringing each time their 130lb kid collides with another.  There are the younger siblings barely aware that the game is on as they run all over the stadium playing with friends.  There are the citizens of small towns collectively raising good young men and women and using this as the highlight of their social calendar for the week.

THIS is every bit as BIG as the $60 million stadiums.  THIS is Texas high school football and I LOVE IT!

Chris Doelle
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