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Game of the Week (Wk 2 2013) – NR 2A DI Blanco Panthers (2-0) @ #14 2A DI Luling Eagles (2-0)

NR 2A DII Blanco Panthers (2-0) @ #14 2A DI Luling Eagles (2-0)

2013 Week 2 Texas High School Football Game Of The Week

Blanco leads this all-time series 5-2

2012 Blanco 7, Luling 0
2011 Blanco 48, Luling 7
2010 Blanco 36, Luling 7
2009 Blanco 33, Luling 26
2008 Blanco 42, Luling 8
2003 Luling 13, Blanco 6
2002 Luling 21, Blanco 6

2013 Schedule:

at Fischer Canyon Lake (0-2) (W 13-6)
vs Comfort (0-2) (W 39-14)

at Universal City Randolph (1-1) (W 47-23)
vs Altair Rice Consolidated (0-2) (W 63-46)

  • Luling EaglesMike Says: Sure this is a game of 2-0 teams but the combined record of the 4 teams they have played is 1-7. Blanco looks to have the defense only giving up 20 points while relying on a ball control offense (19 passes 86 running plays this year). Luling will put up the points scoring 110 points. Its a classic high scoring offense vs. stingy defense. The high scoring offense wins this one. The EAGLES win it 42-20!!
  • Luling EaglesChris Says:  When you say The “little” games are the BIG games! as I did in my most recent Five BIG Things article, it figures that we would pull a little game into the big games of the week.  In fact, I think I actually mentioned this game in that article.  So what is so big about this contest? My point in the article was that the BIGness of the game was as much in the stands as on the field, but we are talking about a pair of undefeated teams - neither of which has had a recent history of anything amazing.  That said, this will be a fun game and as Mike pointed out, feature a strong offense against a tough defense.  I'm actually more surprised to see Luling sitting at 2-0 than Blanco and the points the Eagles are putting up are a complete shocker to me as well.  The Luling EAGLES will sit at 3-0 after this one  33-30!!
  • Luling EaglesLSG Intern Zach Says:  What a difference some stability at head coach makes. Luling has gone from a 2A bottom-feeder to one of our favorites in its thanks to coach Michael Waldie. The Eagles are averaging 55 points per game this season, refusing to be a one-hit wonder. They will break 60 for the second week in a row in this shootout. Eagles 63-59.

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