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Houston Independent School District Reveals New Mascots

After four school mascots had been deemed offensive by Superintendent Terry Grier’s new policy to ban mascots that were culturally insensitive HISD released the schools new mascots.

Houston Lamar High School Redskins (11-1 last year) are now the Texans. The Welch Middle School Warriors will become the Wolf Pack. Westbury High Rebels (2-8 last year) and Hamilton Middle School Indians will be replaced with the Huskies.

The schools will have to replace sports uniforms and will have to repaint or replace other school property bearing the old mascots name which HISD officials said will cost upwards of $250,000.
The push to include a policy banning culturally insensitive mascots started when Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis (D- 13th District) tweeted a letter he had sent to the superintendent asking to start process to change Lamar’s mascot and any other offensive mascots in HISD.

This is not the first time a group of people have been offended by a mascot as there are many groups of people urging the NFL Washington Redskins team to change their name as well. Will these change in names spread throughout Texas High School Football? Or will this be an isolated case?

by William Russell
Lone Star Gridiron Intern
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