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011615 Texas Football Showcase powered by LSG

The Leading Texas High School Football Radio Show

Chris Doelle sits down with Anthony Williams of the Texas Football Showcase and discusses what makes up the showcase, how athletes can get involved and the benefits of attending.


  • Announcement of the partnership between the Texas Football Showcase and Lone Star Gridiron.
  • Skills measurement - Verified digital testing - Competitive 1 on 1 drills - Competitive 7 on 7 drills - Education
  • Recruiting services will be there
  • Lone Star Gridiron will be there
  • Division II head coaches, Division II head coaches, NAIA head coaches
  • Don't forget to sign up for The Brotherhood of Texas High School Football
  • Texas Football Showcase powered by Lone Star Gridiron - Here are the dates and locations:
    • March 1st - SAN ANTONIO (Southside ISD Stadium) 12-4pm
    • March 22nd - DFW (De Soto Eagle Stadium) 12-4pm
    • April 19th - HOUSTON (Rhodes Stadium, Katy) 12-4pm
    • April 26th - CENTEX (Kelly Reeves Athletic Complex, Round Rock) 12-4pm

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