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Five Big Things in #txhsfb: 02/05/15 by Chris Doelle

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Five Big Things in Texas High School Football Recruiting

Its that time again… time for my Five BIG Things! These are the things that stood out for me recently as it relates to Texas high school football. As usual, they are not listed in order of importance – just as they come to me.

This time I want to talk about Signing Day.  I am sure this will cause some disagreement, but hey... it is what it is.

Chris Doelle - Texas high school football expert1. SoSo to UCLA! - I really hate when talented players go OOS (out of state,) and this one hurts.  While I think it is a good fit for SoSo Jamabo, it is a definite loss for football in the Lone Star State.  Here is the controversial part... I don't think SoSo was the best running back in this years graduating class.  He will have a good college career but I wouldn't be surprised if he switched full time to basketball before it is all over.

2. Chris Warren to Texas – Yes, the controversy continues...  THIS is actually the running back that I feel is the best in class.  Coach Strong has signed a pretty good class  despite fears that it was going to be an off year for recruiting.  Chris Warren is rated as a four star player, but he has the pedigree, the work ethic and the desire to improve.  This will take him far.

3. Jarret Stidham – The best quarterback of the 2015 class went to Baylor as Art Briles continues to keep the Bears in the upper echelon of college football.  Jarret Stidham will be a great addition to the team and although he will have to make some early adjustments, I think this is a good fit.

4. Ole Miss gets the biggest steal - DeMarkus Lodge to my way of thinking was the biggest talent to leave the state.  He is the kind of a player that you can build around.  I know that is hard as a receiver, but he is a versatile player.  Yes, other receivers rated higher in some of the combine tests, but Lodge's on-field recognition and reaction  is amazing to watch.  Kendall Sheffield going to Alabama is a close second, but Lodge is the one that hurts the most to see leaving Texas.

5. Texas A&M - Yes, they landed Kyler Murray and that is what made all the news.  The biggest win for the Aggies though was signing Daylon Mack.  He is a game-changer and an immediate impact player.  I think he may be the best player to sign in state this year.  James Lockhart is another big win for the Ags in what is another excellent class.

You thought I was going to stop the controversy... not so fast.   Kyler Murray is not the top player in the state?  What about all the hype about him being the greatest high school player of all time - or at the very least, the greatest in Texas high school football history?  I love Kyler Murray - he is a solid quarterback, but I don't even think he is the best quarterback that signed this year.

He went undefeated as a high school player... but you don't think Jarrett Stidham would have went undefeated playing for Allen?  Don't doubt it.

So, now that I have tossed out a ton of controversial opinions - what do you think?  What Texas college had the best recruiting class?  What OOS signee is the hardest to see leave the state?

by Chris Doelle

What were the biggest things for you in Texas high school football this weekend? Comment below or call in the voicemail line and be on the show 713-568-6361!

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