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Ken Purcell

Ken Purcell

Chris Doelle sits down with Coach Ken Purcell and they talk about a very important subject - losing.  After all, every single weekend, half of the teams that play football lose their game.


  • Coach Ken Purcell continues to share his passion for Texas high school football and the vital role played by coaches in making this such a unique and great sport.
  • We are at the halfway point on the season already for the teams that won't be making it to the postseason.
  • How you carry yourself after a loss is much more telling than how you act after win.
  • You are great coach if you carry yourself the same way whether you win or lose.

"I'd rather watch a winner than hear one any day
Let your loving light show me the way
I'll turn out to be exactly like you are today"

  • How to deal with an athlete when they make a mistake like the kicker that missed the PAT for the University of Texas.  How do you build that kid up?
  • People who aren't involved in our sport don't understand that coaches are teaching more than passing, catching and tackling... they are teaching life lesson, character, pride and more.

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